🌱 Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!🍃

Charcoal Technology: A Breakthrough in Towels!

Charcoal-Detox- The Ultimate Sweat Towel!


Aqua cotton yarn infused with activated charcoal yarn brings the purpose and the power of a sweat towel to the next turbo charged level! Keeping your skin cleansed by absorbing your sweat at the same time as getting a detox by the removal of oils & toxins that may be deep in your pores. Feel the difference of how the charcoal infused towel will leave you and your skin feeling post sweaty workout. The magic of activated charcoal being infused into a towel comes with endless benefits for your health, your skin and your comfort.

A breakthrough in towels that will always leave your skin detoxed and your towel free of any bacteria that may have started to form. With the anti-odor and anti-microbial properties charcoal naturally provides, the Charcoal infused into your towel has the ability to stop odor and bacteria from growing right in their steps! Always leaving your towel & skin free from germs no matter how hard you work out and sweat.

When you wash your towel, everything you are pulling from your skin gets washed away without the fear of having the charcoal wash out! The patent-pending process we use to create these towels, infuses the activated charcoal into the aqua-cotton yarn for the life of the towel. With the heat from the dryer, the charcoal reactivates for your very next use.

The ultimate sweat towel for all of your workout needs.

Patent pending Charcoal infused towel. Turbo charge your sweat, workouts, and your skin with your own Ultimate Charcoal-Detox towel!

                  Keep moving, keep sweating, keep feeling your best.

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