🌱 Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!🍃

Summer Glow! ✨



Summer is around the corner and we are all about encouraging our community to show themselves some love, and radiate in their skin all summer long. Self care id key to self confidence and there are many ways we can show ourselves some love.

Moving and staying active on the daily, relaxing down time, going on a walk, hugging our loved ones, pampering our selves with a mani/pedi/ or going to the salon are all ways we can show ourselves some love. 

Our Charcoal-Detox & 2X PRO sweat towels go along great with our daily routines. With these gentle, soft, absorbent and eco-friendly sweat towels we know that whether we use them in our work outs or we use them with our skin care routine, we are treating our skin to the cleanliness it deserves.

As Samara states, our skin gets contaminated every day by the littlest things such as walking outside. Having a CHarcoal--Detox or 2X PRO towel with you means a deeper cleanse for your skin each use.

We will be working on our Summer Glow until futher notice. See you next week FaceSoft Fam! 🌎