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Mindful Tips & Tricks to De-stress & Re-energize

Sometimes with the hussle and bussle that consumes our everyday lives we forget to take a moment to pause the things we are doing, to do what we need most in that moment... and that is to breathe. Deep inhales and deep exhales to calm our bodies and to refocus our minds. It has become so normal to rush and get lost in the chaotic moments of our busy days. We tend to lose sight of what we are trying to do and accomplish. It happens to the best of us. With all the commotion of our lives, we fear falling behind or not completing our daily goals or our To-Do lists. We wanted to give you some insight on our favorite tips & tricks that help us reach our highest mindful, relaxing state of mind when we need it most.

Ocean therapy: We have always said that you can never feel stressed or any negative emotion when you are on the beach. Breathing in the fresh, salty air gives our mind and body a sense of relaxation as soon as we step our feet into the warm sand. Having the sun beat down on our skin sends a rush of contentment to our brain that makes us smile inside and out. Hearing the waves crash into the shore instantly puts our mind at ease. The ocean is truly a place of mindful relaxation that brings us to our favorite feelings.

Long walks & Podcasts: After a long day of work, there is nothing like tuning out the outside world with a long, relaxing walk,  listening to our favorite podcast (the motivational mind) to help us feel re- energized and re-motivated. Sometimes all it takes is insight from another person to change our mindset, to help us start a clear path for our success to fulfill our goals for a new day. It is always nice to have that reminder that we are not in this alone. Millions of people feel this way at times and we have the power to share our experiences In hopes to inspire one another.

Hot bubble baths, your favorite book and essential oils: This one never fails me. Hot baths, books and essential oils to help you breathe in peace, serenity and calmness. Soaking in a tub after a long day is pure magic. Breathing in your favorite scent, with each breath you feel your stress melt away. We love to soak and chill our mini FaceSoft Towels in our favorite relaxing essential oils and putting it over our eyes for a mindful, spa experience. Getting lost in your favorite book helps you take your mind off of your worries, in a good way! The escape of a book helps you feel inspired, more creative and keeps your brain sharp. Post bubble bath - feeling warm, reenergized wrapped in your favorite Charcoal Detox bath towel to start your next day detoxed from stress (inside and out) while feeling inspired and motivated to start the next day strong.

Restorative Yoga: Attending your favorite restorative yoga class to stretch, breath, move and connect with your inner voice is always a go to for us that help us let go and just be. Restorative yoga balances our nervous system and relaxes our body.  It help us feel balanced within our mind as it enhances our mood. We have learned so many wonderful breathing techniques from yoga to take off the mat and to bring into our everyday lives that help us keep the stillness and peace, even through the most chaotic and stressful times. As they say in yoga, we are putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations on our yoga mat learning to keep our breathing strong, so we can breathe in uncomfortable situations out in the real world. 

Sitting our laying meditation: Meditation has become something so sacred in our lives. Start with five minutes then ten then fifteen. Meditating is not about the length of time you meditate for- its about frequency, to create stillness in our minds. If you have thoughts come into your mind that’s normal, acknowledge them and send them on their way. Scanning our bodies to feel where we are holding the most tension to help us notice where we need to let go and relax the most. Meditating for beginners: sit in a comfortable seated position or lay down (corpse pose) whichever you prefer. Shift your gaze- eyes closed: to your third eye while focusing on your inhales and your exhales. Feel the sensation in your body as you breathe in and breathe out. Start with your head. Remind yourself to relax your forehead, eyes, and nose. Unclench your jaw and remove your tongue from the roof of you mouth. Next move to your shoulders. Remind yourself to relax your shoulders away from your ears. Relax your arms, hands, and fingers. Down to your back - relax your chest, torso and waist. Breathe in and breathe out-  let go of tension. YOU are now relaxed. Moving down to your hips, thighs, knees, shins, feet and your toes. You should now feel fully relaxed. Breath in lightness, breath out heaviness. Sink deep into your mat feeling connected. You are now relaxed.

Creating time out of your work days or weekends to incorporate these mindful moments for yourself truly helps you feel aligned, balanced and grounded. You are not alone if you feel like somedays truly consume you whole. The first step of bringing more mindfulness into your life is to notice that you need to take a step back and breathe. Next figure out which of these things make you feel the most relaxed and make the time to incorporate them into your life. Once you start and you feel the relaxing mindful benefits, You will see how important it is to leave time in your busy routine. Always take a step back, to pause and connect with how you are feeling and to breathe.