🌱 The Eco Skincare Towel 🍃

Go GREEN with FaceSoft.


This week we are all about going GREEN more than ever. Our main mission at FaceSoft is to minimize our carbon footprint to help prevent plastic pollution in our oceans.

A lot of people are unaware that microfiber is a tiny plastic material found in regular towels. FaceSoft is an eco-friendly alternative to microfiber towels. Our towels are crafted and created with 100% Aqua-Cotton making them super soft and absorbent and better for our environment.

Just in time for your St. Patty's Day work out, you can order your brand NEW GREEN eco-color today for 40% off. Also on promo we have everyones favorite Charcoal-Detox sweat towels. These give you the added benefit of a refreshing skin detox as you sweat.

Use WELLBEING15 for an EXTRA 15% off your towels.

Better towel. Better ocean.