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Eco Products For The Planet

We are inspired to motivate our community and the ones around us to live a healthy lifestyle that benefits the mind, body, and planet. Health and wellness are found in so many different parts of our lives and that may look different for everyone. Health and wellness for us is about taking care of our mind, listening to what our body needs, and paying attention to the type of products we choose to create, buy, and the impact they could have on our world.

When creating FaceSoft Towel Company we knew we wanted a product that was great for our skin but also a product that would not harm our planet.

Microfiber plastic is the number one human-made pollution in our oceans and this pollution comes in all shapes and sizes. Many people are unaware that Microfiber Towels and any microfiber textiles are created with tiny Micro-plastic pieces, which filter from our washing machines and end up going into our own water systems and oceans. It is all about education and the small steps in all of our lifestyles that will lead to a greater change for our planet. 

All of our towels are made with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials to replace microfiber towels, so we can help eliminate the world's Micro-plastic footprint. We are reducing our Microfiber plastic footprint one FaceSoft Towel at a time.

We have found a way to put our own way of life, our mission, and motto into our brand in hopes to inspire those around us to join us in taking care of our personal wellness and our planet's wellness by spreading education and awareness towards the harm of microfiber towels and textiles. To offer an eco-friendly and high-quality sweat towel that checks off all of the boxes that the best sweat towel will cover. To motivate our community to work their hardest and to feel best and confident in their sweat with the products they use on their skin also knowing it is not harming our planet. 

Eco products for the planet and for our skin- Use the code Eco15 at checkout to receive 15% off all FaceSoft Towels.

Better Towel. Better Ocean.