🌱 Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!🍃

Summer of Pink Skies & Clear Skin!



Hello FaceSoft Family,

Looking for a good work out towel that won't scratch your skin, that has benefits, that feels GOOD?

Look no further than FaceSoft towels. We offer 100% aqua-cotton, super soft and absorbent, plush, gentle, and eco-friendly towels. Did you know that almost all of our regular daily use towels contain microfiber?

Microfiber is a harmful plastic material that when washed repeatedly filter through our water systems harming out oceans and landfills with micro plastic pollution. Microfiber also prevents our towels from absorbing substances, rather just pushes them around the surface.

ZERO microfiber means clean & soft on your skin and on our planet.

100% aqua-cotton PINK now 40% off

Did you know we also offer charcoal infused towels? These are made with the same eco-friendly material but infused with he power of activated charcaol.

This gives you the benefit of a skin detox as you sweat Activated charcoal will wipe away and absorb skin impurities. 

Our 2X PRO is not only amazing for empowering you with confidence and glow as you sweat, but a lot of us love to use it with our daily skin care routine. Get your 2X PRO towels today for 40% off.

Swap out your towels and begin to feel, see, & BE the difference.

Better towel. Better ocean. 🌊