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Why do we LOVE activated charcoal infused into our sweat towels?

  The power of charcoal is limitless! Charcoal removes oils & toxins from your skin by providing a gentle detox where the charcoal sucks out any dirt and impurities your pores may be holding onto. Keeping your skin looking its best no matter how active and sweaty of a lifestyle you live. The activated charcoal takes a typical sweat towel to the next level in so many ways. Towels are known to live in the perfect environment where they end up becoming bacteria traps. Since we often use towels to absorbs things from our skin, they tend to stay damp with moisture which gives that bacteria a chance to grow and linger inside of them. Having Activated Charcoal infused into...

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  Classic blue- Color of the week! 40% OFF. $9.99! The holidays are right around the corner! It is never too early to gift your friends & family the ultimate sweat towel. Crafted and created with aqua-cotton technology to ensure the highest absorbency rate and luxurious feel for each towel.  FaceSoft Towels are eco-friendly and use absolutely NO microfiber plastics to help reduce the microfiber plastic pollution in our beloved oceans and landfills. This holiday season shop eco-friendly and share the gift of high quality, plastic free sweat towels to your active loved ones! You can use the code WELLBEING15 for an additional 15% off your order. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our epic 24 hour FLASH...

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why do we LOVE the MINI towels?!

        It is no secret our best selling towels are the 10" x 38" active size towels! Designed and tested in the heat of Miami Beach Florida to ensure the highest quality absorbency level for the sweatiest of workouts! Not to mention, the highest quality plush feel for your comfort.    This week we have our BEST SELLING active size towels on promotion until October 26th! 40% off the patent pending charcoal infused towel and the black & aqua (BACK IN STOCK) 100% aqua-cotton towels.  Another one of our must have towels are the patent-pending charcoal infused MINI towels! These are truly the best travel on the go sweat size towel. Making it easy for you to...

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The Ultimate Sweat Towels!

Being able to feel confident and comfortable in your sweat is something we used to not feel when we would teach or workout. Being able to have such a reliable, and absorbent sweat towel has been an absolute game changer!     Make sure to take advantage of this weeks epic promotions! 2X Charcoal-Detox PRO sweat towel: The towel that will have your skin thanking you! Spin off version of our original charcoal-detox towel, created with double the amount of infused charcoal for deeper the detox!   $13.99 Pink Powerful Towel: 100% aqua-cotton, soft like a cloud, hypoallergenic, fast drying & extremely absorbent!  $9.99 Classic Blue Towel: 100% aqua-cotton, soft like a cloud, hypoallergenic, fast drying & extremely absorbent!  $9.99  ...

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Designed just for YOU!

  *****BIG NEWS: The Aqua Active BEST SELLING Towel is BACK in STOCK!  The 100% aqua-cotton, soft like a cloud, fan favorite towel we have all been waiting for is back in stock and is on sale for $9.99! The 2X Charcoal-Detox pro active size towel is 45% off!  Promo price of $13.99. If you love the charcoal-detox active towel for your workouts and skin, then we know you will fall in love with the 2X Charcoal-Detox pro active size towel! Infused with TWICE the amount of activated charcoal as the original. Just as absorbent and fast drying, keeping your skin TWICE as cleansed, beautiful, glowing, and detoxed!  We are continuing our PINK promo 100% aqua-cotton active size FaceSoft Towel- $9.99 due to high...

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