Got Sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

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Sweat. Find comfort in the discomfort.

    Sweating is good for us in so many ways. When we are working out hard and sweating our sweat glands work to filter out toxins from our body. Sweating can be beneficial as a detox to the body and it can boost our immune system. Although it requires hard work, dedication and getting uncomfortable, sweating is a good daily habit. Your charcoal-detox sweat towel is here to bring you comfort to that discomfort. Do not let everything you sweat out stay on your skin. Charcoal-Detox the impurities away. Infused with the power of activated charcoal to have you feeling confident and refreshed each work out.

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Aqua for our oceans. 2X Pro for our skin.

    100% aqua-cotton. Zero microfiber plastics. Eco-color aqua- The color of FaceSoft to help prevent plastic pollution. If you workout and sweat everyday you need these towels in your life. Find your glow with 2X Pro. Infused with double the amount of charcoal for double the detox. Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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Treat your skin to luxury. ☁️

    Swap out your towels with FaceSoft and feel the difference on your skin. Shop eco-friendly and see what your skin has been missing each sweaty workout. FaceSoft towels will give you the confidence to power through. Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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Radiate, Recharge, Refresh. 🖤

    What did we use before FaceSoft towels? For a lot of us it was our own shirts, or maybe one of those low quality, skin-scratching sweat towels given out in gyms.  Imagine a sweat towel re-invented to rejuvenate and refresh your skin as you sweat. With zero microfiber harmful plastic materials. Just pure luxuriously soft and absorbent aqua-cotton + infused with the power of activated charcoal to pull out toxins from the pores as we sweat. Get your Charcoal-Detox & your 2X Pro sweat towels this week while they are on promo! Make the switch to Facesoft today and see what you have been missing. Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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Fuel your fire. 💜

    As we close out August and summer comes to an end it means getting back into a routine. Get back into the things you love and your daily workout routines with the softest, most absorbent, eco-friendly sweat towels in the game. Opt for FaceSoft Towels. Feel the difference on your skin today. Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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