Got Sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

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FIRE combo for your sweaty workouts!

    The softest, most absorbent, eco-friendly sweat towels in the game. Once you try these, you will never leave for your workouts without them! Treat your skin to ultra softness and sweat confident and comfortably.  RED is back in stock and ready to GO! Once we dropped this new color they quickly sold out so be sure to get yours today. This week we have Red, Black, and everyones favorite, Charcoal-Detox on promo for 40% off!  Use WELLBEING15 for an EXTRA 15% off your order. Stay active, stay SWEATY! Better towel. Better ocean.

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Back in BLACK!

    We are so excited to share that after a long wait,  our BLACK eco-color is BACK IN STOCK! We love this color because it is stain proof, matches with all of our gym/ yoga sets, and it is for everyone! You can never go wrong with black. To honor this eco-color restock, we are giving you 40% off this week only. This is one of our best selling colors, so take advantage NOW before they sell out again! Just as all of our eco-colors, Black is 100% aqua-cotton, super soft & absorbent, and ZERO microfiber. Get yours today and start minimizing your carbon footprint. BE & FEEL the difference! Better towel. Better ocean. 🌊

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Happy Mother's Day!

    We are celebrating all of the strong, hard working moms out there this Mother's Day. We know sometimes the busy life of a mom limits the amount of "me" time. We want to encourage all moms to take time to show themselves extra love this Mother's Day.  Self care is crucial as a mom, whether you take 10-20 mins out of the day for a quick workout, get a manicure, or have a spa day, these are all great ways to pamper yourself this weekend. We know all the moms out there deserve it! To go with our Mother's Day work out, we have placed our Pink, Lavender, and Charcoal-Detox sweat towels on promo for 40% off! Experience...

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Find your GLOW with Charcoal-Detox & 2X PRO!

    The is a special week because we have ALL things Charcoal-Detox & 2X PRO on sale, that includes all shapes and sizes! Beginning with our luxurious charcoal-infused bath towels. Wrap yourself in the detoxifying powers of Charcoal each time you get out of the shower! These are only $24.99 AND they are Buy 1 Get 1 FREE. Now is the perfect time to replace those overused microfiber towels with a more eco-friendly charcoal infused option. We also have our minis on promo this week. These are the perfect for on the go sweating, if your traveling or going on a quick run! We have these available in our single Charcoal-Detox mini, 3 pack, 2 pack & single 2X PRO mini....

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Every day is Earth Day!

    Earth Day is one of our favorite days out of the year as people tend to draw more attention to our beautiful planet and make more of an effort to keep it CLEAN. What steps can you take today and everyday to minimize your carbon footprint? Switching your regular microfiber towels with FaceSoft is an effective step in the right direction. Our towels are 100% aqua-cotton and ZERO microfiber. The will biodegrade into our environment over time and leave behind ZERO plastic waste. Not only are our towels an eco-friendly alternative to microfiber towels, but they are ultra soft and absorbent on the skin. Switch your towels to make and FEEL the difference today. Better towel. Better ocean....

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