🌱 Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!🍃

Find your GLOW with Charcoal-Detox & 2X PRO!



The is a special week because we have ALL things Charcoal-Detox & 2X PRO on sale, that includes all shapes and sizes!

Beginning with our luxurious charcoal-infused bath towels. Wrap yourself in the detoxifying powers of Charcoal each time you get out of the shower! These are only $24.99 AND they are Buy 1 Get 1 FREE.

Now is the perfect time to replace those overused microfiber towels with a more eco-friendly charcoal infused option.

We also have our minis on promo this week. These are the perfect for on the go sweating, if your traveling or going on a quick run! We have these available in our single Charcoal-Detox mini, 3 pack, 2 pack & single 2X PRO mini.

We also love using our minis along with our daily skin care routine for an even deeper cleanse to the pores. 

Lastly, we have everyone's favorite regular active size charcoal-detox & 2X PRO sweat towels essential for the gym.

Stock up on your Charcoal-Detox towels today! Better towel. Better ocean. 🌊