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Trees --> Charcoal --> Towel --> Responsibly made & eco-friendly

Natural products that are always responsibly made.

We always lived an eco-conscious lifestyle by doing what we can to reduce our plastic footprint. Once when we learned about microfiber towels and the harm they are causing to our planet; we could not just ignore this problem, we wanted to provide sustainable solution. We automatically knew we needed to do our part to make a positive change. 

FaceSoft Towels contain zero micro-fiber synthetic plastics and are always created with high-quality eco-friendly aqua cotton to stand with our mission, and that is to offer an eco-friendly towel as an alternative to microfiber towels. Did you know that microfiber towels are made of "plastic"? In one load of laundry over 700,000 microfiber plastic pieces are released from our washing machines straight into our oceans and water systems. Synthetic plastic is the number one human-made pollution in our oceans. Once plastic gets into our oceans and environment, it unfortunately can never completely break down and will forever exist. 

Choosing aqua cotton to create our towels out of was an easy decision for us to use as it is a sustainable and natural textile. Aqua cotton is incredibly high-quality- long & thin cotton strands that are breathable, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable leaving no trace behind. The thin cotton gives our towels a luxurious plush feel while allowing our towels to have the ability to absorb 25x more water and sweat than a typical towel.

The Charcoal that we infuse into our towels are responsibly harvested from trees. The trees turn into charcoal, and the Charcoal then gets infused into the yarn of our towels. This is done with a closed loop process to ensure that everything being used to create the charcoal will be reused rather than it going back into our environment. The end result of this process is what creates our patent-pending Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towels!

We love being able to create products for the planet knowing that if any of our towels were to be left in our oceans or landfill, they would break down and biodegrade within 8-12 months, ensuring no trace gets left behind.

Each time you choose to make the switch from microfiber synthetic towels and replace it with an eco-friendly FaceSoft Towel you are helping our fight against micro-plastics in our oceans.
 Community is everything, and with community we have the chance to make a difference for our planet. Use the code personaltowel20 at checkout for 20% off all FaceSoft Towels.

Better towel,
Better ocean.