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Did you know that micro-fiber towels are made of "plastic"?

Happy Earth Day! Love, Protect & Respect Mother Earth. 

To celebrate Earth Day with every Charcoal-Detox Active Size Towel that is ordered, we are including a complimentary Charcoal-Detox Active Size FaceSoft Towel that will automatically ship with your order! Earth Day promo will be valid until April 25th 1pm est.

At FaceSoft our mission is to spread awareness about the harm microfiber towels have on our planet and water systems, as well as to provide an eco-friendly alternative to make the switch one simple process. Synthetic plastic is the number one human-made pollutant in our oceans, and you're probably using it without even knowing. Many textiles and materials contain microfiber and these particles are released into our water sources from our washing machines, contributing to over 85% of the human-made debris in our oceans.

Thinking of all the items we use on an everyday basis that contain microfiber can be overwhelming and extremely frightening because it is in most of the things we use. Towels, sheets, blankets, workout clothes without even realizing how microfiber is all around us.  It is hard for us to get everything perfect for the environment all at once, but we believe small steps lead to great change. For us at FaceSoft, our small steps to making those big impact start with our sweat towels.

FaceSoft Towels contain zero micro-fiber synthetic plastics and are always created with high-quality aqua cotton to stand with our mission, and that is to offer an eco-friendly, high quality sweat towel that is durable, biodegradable and perfect for all ages and skin types. Spreading awareness at the same time as providing a solution for people to go to will start to reduce our plastic footprint over time one FaceSoft Towel at a time.

We are forever grateful for our FaceSoft family who continue to support, spread, and educate their own community on microfiber and to introduce FaceSoft Towels as the go to eco sweat towel alternative. We believe in community, products for the planet, and always working towards a better tomorrow!

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better towel. better ocean.