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Help us fight against the spread of Micro-Fiber plastic towels!

Our oceans are going to continue to deteriorate if we ignore the growing plastic pollution plight. At FaceSoft, we don't ignore the problem, in fact, we provide a solution. Our super soft towels are made with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Our aim is to help stop the damage to our oceans one towel at a time. We do not use any plastic materials in our products to solidify our fight to help our oceans.

Join us in our mission!  better towel. better ocean.



In 2015, Chris Nemeth founded the FaceSoft® Towel Company with one mission: to create a high-end, extremely absorbent, soft towel that did not contain synthetic micro-fiber. After realizing how harmful microfiber plastic can be to the environment, skin, and ocean, he was resolute in his search for the highest quality and most eco-friendly cotton material.

Chris traveled the world in search of the best cotton. After two years, he finally found the long strand, super thin, no twist cotton he had been seeking. After perfecting a 100-year-old ancient manufacturing method, Chris finally introduced the FaceSoft Active Towel and Charcoal-Detox™ Towel.

Currently, the family-owned FaceSoft® Towel Company continues to produce luxurious, 100% natural cotton towels and refuses to use any plastic materials in their towels. With every purchase, you are helping us reduce the damage that synthetic plastic materials are doing to the oceans!

Infused Charcoal Towels - Patent-Pending

FaceSoft, Soft like a Cloud, Aqua-Cotton, Charcoal-Detox are all registered trademarks of Christopher P Nemeth owner of FaceSoft Towel Company.

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