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why do we LOVE the MINI towels?!





It is no secret our best selling towels are the 10" x 38" active size towels! Designed and tested in the heat of Miami Beach Florida to ensure the highest quality absorbency level for the sweatiest of workouts! Not to mention, the highest quality plush feel for your comfort. 


This week we have our BEST SELLING active size towels on promotion until October 26th! 40% off the patent pending charcoal infused towel and the black & aqua (BACK IN STOCK) 100% aqua-cotton towels. 

Another one of our must have towels are the patent-pending charcoal infused MINI towels! These are truly the best travel on the go sweat size towel. Making it easy for you to roller blade, run, bike, hike with your towel and being able to carry it in your sports bra strap, shorts pocket, or running vest. These towels may be mini in size but they are mighty with the absorbency rate.

The charcoal-detox mini size towels are on sale for a 1 pack $6.99 and the 3 pack $16.99!

You can use the code WELLBEING15 for 15% off your order! Break a SWEAT with the best sweat towels and love how you feel in your skin. 

Charcoal-detox active size towel: https://facesofttowel.com/collections/sale/products/charcoal-detox-towels

BACK IN STOCK: Aqua active size towel: https://facesofttowel.com/collections/sale/products/facesoft%C2%AE-active-towel

Black active size towel: https://facesofttowel.com/collections/sale/products/facesoft%C2%AE-black-night-active-towel

1 pack charcoal-detox mini: https://facesofttowel.com/collections/charcoal-detox/products/charcoal-detox-mini-towel-new

3 pack charcoal-detox mini: https://facesofttowel.com/collections/charcoal-detox/products/3pk-mini-charcoal-detox-towels-new