🌱 The Eco Skincare Towel 🍃

Move, Groove, SWEAT through Summer! 💦☀️



Its going to be a long HOT Summer and we are providing you with the softest most absorbent, eco-friendly sweat towels to absorb all your sweat. We encourage our community to stay active through the heat and count on FaceSoft to give you comfort on your skin.

What makes our towels unique? They contain ZERO harmful microfiber materials. Microfiber is in majority of our regular, daily use towels. These tiny plastics filter through our water systems when washed repeatedly, causing harm to our oceans and wild life.

Our brand new, limited edition Groovy Icon FaceSoft towels come in FIVE eco-colors and are ready for you! All now $12.99

Use wellbeing15 for 15% off. Better towel. Better ocean. 🌊