🌱 Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!🍃

Summer Sweat Essentials!



We are back from a long 4th of July weekend in the sun and in weekend recovery mode. What better way to detox your skin than with our 2X PRO sweat towels? These are infused with double the amount of charcoal for double the detox. Our 2X PRO towels will refresh and rejuvenate your skin by penetrating deeper to pull out toxins from our pores.

Whether you are sweating it out in the gym, beach, pool, or using it with your daily skin care routines, you will always want a 2X PRO towel handy. These are 40% off- $12.99 this week only!

We also have out brand color Aqua for our oceans 100% aqua-cotton sweat towels 40% off- $9.99. These are the softest sweat towels and once you have one you will be able to feel the difference and never switch back to those hard, crunchy free microfiber gym towels.

All of our towels contain zero microfiber, leaving behind 0 plastic waste and making them 100x more absorbent and gentle on skin.

Switch to FaceSoft today to be & feel the difference.

Better towel. Better ocean. 🌊