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Spring Essentials!

    Spring time is here! It is one of our favorite seasons because it is out with the old, in with the new. Flowers blooming ready to start a new life and warmer weather coming our way To celebrate Spring we have place FIVE Eco-Colors on promo this week. These spring essentials are a gym must-have! April is also a month where we reflect on how we honor our planet every day. What steps can we take to minimize our carbon footprint? Switch out your regular towels with FaceSoft towels and FEEL the difference! 100% aqua-cotton. Super soft & absorbent. ZERO microfiber. Better towel. Better ocean.

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Find your GLOW with Charcoal-Detox.

    We hope everyone is having a strong and healthy week. It's been a while since we have had our best selling Charcoal-Detox sweat towels on promo! Why are we crazy for Charcoal-Detox? Everyone loves the added benefit of a Charcoal-Detox to our skin as we sweat. Like all of our towels, our Charcoal-Detox contain ZERO microfiber- making them eco-friendly to help to keep our planet plastic-free. The only difference is that they are infused with Charcoal. Charcoal is beneficial when used externally because it absorbs toxins, it is anti-aging, will help reduce fine lines as to whipping your face with a hard microfiber towel, and is antibacterial. Treat your skin to a Charcoal-Detox today and find your GLOW as you...

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Wear your GREEN FaceSoft towel today!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We are wishing everyone a happy and safe celebration. Don't forget to get your SWEAT on before your festivities!  Don't have green to wear to your workout today? Why not wear your GREEN towel? 100% aqua-cotton, super soft and absorbent, ZERO microfiber plastics. Our towels are eco-friendly, biodegradable, more gentle on your skin and cause 0 harm to our oceans when washed. St Patrick's Day Special: 40% off earthy, vibrant, lucky GREEN & soft, cloudy WHITE active size towels. Use WELLBEING15 for an extra 15% off.  Better towel. Better ocean.

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Go GREEN with FaceSoft.

  This week we are all about going GREEN more than ever. Our main mission at FaceSoft is to minimize our carbon footprint to help prevent plastic pollution in our oceans. A lot of people are unaware that microfiber is a tiny plastic material found in regular towels. FaceSoft is an eco-friendly alternative to microfiber towels. Our towels are crafted and created with 100% Aqua-Cotton making them super soft and absorbent and better for our environment. Just in time for your St. Patty's Day work out, you can order your brand NEW GREEN eco-color today for 40% off. Also on promo we have everyones favorite Charcoal-Detox sweat towels. These give you the added benefit of a refreshing skin detox as...

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Love your towel, Love our oceans, Love yourSELF!

    Introducing our brand new RED HOT FaceSoft towels here just in time for Valentine's Day! Spread the love this season not only to your friends, family and partners but just as importantly, yourself! A little self love goes a long way. Give yourself a spa day, buy yourself some flowers, its the little things that give you the largest mood boosts and go the longest way! When you start to love yourself, the confidence shines through and spreads to those around you. Keeping a positive mindset and keeping kicking out that negative self talk is a great place to start.  This February we are not only inspiring our community to love themselves, but to take steps towards protecting our environment....

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