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Sweat Towel Yoga Towel Workout Towel
Sweat Towel Yoga Towel Workout Towel
Sweat Towel Yoga Towel Workout Towel
Sweat Towel Yoga Towel Workout Towel

3PK 2X MINI PRO Charcoal-Detox Eco-Soft Workout Towels - US Patent #11,982,024 – CHARCOAL-INFUSED TOWEL

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Introducing the NEW 3 PACK Mini 2X PRO Charcoal-Detox sweat towel bundle
a 3PK of MINI towels infused with “double” activated charcoal to help you detox your skin even deeper!
Love the way your skin glows no matter how often you sweat.

(3) 2X Mini PRO |  2X Charcoal. 2X Detox. 2X Glow. 

We were inspired to create the 2X PRO Charcoal-Detox towel to add the turbo charged magic of charcoal to provide a deeper detox to the pores. Created with DOUBLE the amount of infused activated charcoal as our original towel so you can say goodbye to dull skin.

 PRO- 2x more charcoal, 2x cleaner skin = 2X DETOX. 2X GLOW

Radiant Skin Therapy
Other sub-benefits: Clean skin, anti-microbial, super soft, absorbent, eco-friendly, biodegradable, no micro-fiber

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin! 

The charcoal is magical as it re-activates naturally when washed or dried in heat.  Also, since the charcoal is infused with our Patent-Pending process, the charcoal will not wash out and last for the life of the towel.  
Holding the same softness and absorbency as our Active Towels, our 2X PRO MINI Charcoal-Beauty Towels help to balance the natural oils in the skin while additionally pulling toxins and impurities from your face and body. The infused with double activated charcoal that will last the life of the towel and is magical as it will re-activate when washed in hot water and dried in hot air.
MINI: 10” x 9”
Each MINI towel is similar in size to a wash cloth
Sweat Towel Mini Charcoal Detox
Machine wash medium heat, light detergent.
Dry medium; do not let sit in dryer!
2X Charcoal will naturally re-activate from heat in washer & dryer!
Sweat Charcoal Detox Facesoft
Activated Charcoal is often misunderstood to be derived from the carcinogenic briquettes used in barbecue grills; however, on the contrary, it is a derivative of natural resources that are rich in carbon, namely peat, wood, sawdust, and coconut shells, and it thus exhibits beneficial and restorative properties.  FaceSoft towels are made from responsibly harvested trees! 
The specific natural source material is heated at high temperatures and slowly burned in a process called Pyrolysis. Next, it is treated with oxygen. This process “activates” the charcoal by eliminating any molecules that it had already absorbed, thereby enhancing both the absorption and the adsorption abilities of the resultant Activated Charcoal. 
The final product is a natural, sustainable product that is chemical-free and thus non-toxic!

Patent Pending
Charcoal Infused Towel