🌱 Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!🍃



Working with FaceSoft Towel Company, we have learned that education is the key to spreading awareness about the dangers of micro-fiber. Our 100% cotton, eco-friendly FaceSoft Towels, provide the opportunity to live a more plastic-free lifestyle.

As a FaceSoft Ambassador, we are looking for health and wellness enthusiasts to motivate others to live a healthier lifestyle for their mind, body, and planet. We encourage people to be active, move their bodies, and learn to be comfortable in their sweat.

It is our job to educate and promote being environmentally conscious and why people should make the switch from microfiber towels to our super absorbent, biodegradable towels that ensure a better ecosystem for our oceans.

We ask for our ambassadors to use, post, and promote their FaceSoft towels however that may be (stretching, flowing, savanna, inversions, after class cool down, dancing, on the beach, in the gym, washing your face, drinking a healthy smoothie, etc.) twice a month. Ambassadors don’t just receive a FaceSoft Towel but also a promo code that guarantees their friends, family, and followers a 20% discount every time they shop and best of all a 30% commission on each product sold.