­čî▒ Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!­čŹâ


WHAT IS AQUA-COTTON® and Charcoal-Detox®?

The FaceSoft┬« Active Towels are made with long strand, no twist cotton, called Aqua-Cotton┬«. Aqua-Cotton┬« delivers maximum absorption and makes possible the preservation of softness after every wash. Only manufactured with eco-friendly materials, these towels naturally degrade if ever disposed in landfills, the ocean, or even compost pilesÔÇöfully decomposing within an estimated six to eight months.

The FaceSoft® Charcoal-Detox® Towels are made with the same Aqua-Cotton® yarn and then is infused with activated charcoal.  This charcoal pulls toxins and oils from your skin to detox your face and body.  The charcoal naturally re-activates with heat in the washer and/or dryer, or the sunshine.  The Charcoal is infused so it will not wash out and will last the life of the towel.  Infused Charcoal Towel - Patent Pending.    


Microfiber, a synthetic plastic material most commonly used in towels, is made from petroleum, polyester, and nylon, all imperishable substances. Because synthetic micro-fiber has become a more prevalent element in textile goods, there has been an increase in plastic pollution entering our our waters which is harming our marine life. Our mission is to stop the use of micro-fiber in textiles, especially towels. Better towels. Better oceans.


When Chris Nemeth, owner and founder of FaceSoft® Towel Company, began his search for a super soft cotton towel, he came across many statistics about the harmful effects of microfiber that left a deep impact on him. He began to research how towels were made in the past, before synthetic plastics were used. The FaceSoft Active Towel is manufactured using a method over 100 years old that Nemeth discovered during his two-year worldwide search for the rare, high-quality cotton. The process is proven to produce towels that are both high-end and durable, inspiring him to launch his own company in order to provide his customers with luxury towels that also help our planet.


Feel free to wash our towels as much as you please; after all, they only get softer and softer after each wash! If using the washing machine and dryer, use the medium wash setting and medium dry. We recommend only a small amount of detergent, and suggest do not use fabric softer. Lastly, don't let your towels sit in the dryer for a long period of time once the cycle is complete.