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Zero Micro-Fiber


Here at FaceSoft® Towel Company, our mission is to raise awareness about the danger of micro-fiber while providing consumers with an eco-friendly alternative: our 100% cotton, super absorbent, luxury face towels. 

Microfiber is a synthetic plastic made from petroleum, polyester, and nylon—all of which permanently stay in landfills, rivers, and oceans. This contaminating constituent is becoming more prevalent in textile goods, resulting in an increase in plastic pollution in our water. 

Most people understand the negative impact that products such as plastic water bottles, bags, and straws have on our environment. However, most aren’t aware of the shocking destruction that microfiber causes to our land and ocean. Incredibly, well-known brands selling sport and yoga products go so far as to advertise the micro-fiber in their towels! 

Not only do these synthetic particles pollute our oceans, but they absorb toxic chemicals and release them into the aquatic environment. Once the micro-fiber particles enter our water sources via the washer machine, the synthetic plastic is consumed by the marine wildlife, and therefore, us. It was recently reported that 73% percent of fish caught at mid-ocean depths in the Northwest Atlantic had micro-plastic in their stomachs.

Without a solution, our oceans will continue to suffer and deteriorate—and we’re not going to sit around and watch, much less contribute. We offer a comfy, soft, and absorbent alternative to microfiber towels. Our aim is to help stop the damage to our oceans one towel at a time.


  •  Over 700,000 micro-fiber particles enter our water sources from just ONE load of laundry. 
  • 40% of microfibers enter rivers, lakes, and oceans from the washing machine. 
  • A 2018 study on the impact of marine litter reported that around 73 percent of fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean had micro-fiber in their stomachs.  
  • A report released by Patagonia in 2017 stated that humans send more than 64,000 pounds of microfiber into the water and oceans every day. 
  • Microfiber makes up 85% of human-made debris on shorelines. 
  • The International Union for Conservation of Nature estimated that 35 percent of the micro-fibers that enter the ocean come from synthetic textiles. If you are interested in learning more about micro-fiber free towels and want to join our cause to stop plastic pollution, click below!