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Here at the family-owned, FaceSoft® Towel Company we pride ourselves on the quality of towels we offer as well as our mission to help stop the use of micro-fiber. Every member of the FaceSoft family believes whole-heartedly that we can make a difference, and our eco-friendly towels are proof of our commitment. Meet the brains behind the operation! 


In 2015, Chris Nemeth founded the FaceSoft® Towel Company with one mission: to create a high-end, extremely absorbent, soft towel that did not contain synthetic micro-fiber. After realizing how harmful microfiber plastic can be to the environment, skin, and ocean, he was resolute in his search for the highest quality and most eco-friendly cotton material. Chris traveled the world in search of the best cotton. After two years, he finally found the long strand, super thin, no twist cotton he had been seeking. After perfecting a 100-year-old ancient manufacturing method, Chris finally introduced the FaceSoft Active Towel and Charcoal-Detox™ Towel.



Paul is a key advisor to the business and provides guidance and expertise in new product development and research.



Hayley is a key advisor to the business and provides guidance and expertise on our core user and new product development.


Yoga Entrepreneur

Rebecca is a high energy, enthusiastic yoga teacher who has a tremendous passion for helping others as well as helping our planet.

Rebecca completed her 200-hour teacher training certification in Koh Phangan, Thailand where she fell even more in love with the practice and the history of yoga. Having personally experienced the internal tranquility that yoga cultivates, she is eager to share her knowledge with the world.

Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. She uses her knowledge to educate and inspire those around her to live a healthy lifestyle by focusing on benefitting their mind, body, and soul.

Living an eco-conscious life, she is determined to inform the yoga and workout communities about the harm of micro-fiber towels and the pollution it is causing to our oceans.

Rebecca loves to travel and experience new cultures around the world. While traveling she recruits FaceSoft ambassadors to become apart of our powerful, educational movement. Rebecca is dedicated to motivate others to live an eco-conscious lifestyle, mentally and physically.

Check out her “Day in the Life” posts @facesoft_towels on Instagram!