🌱 Eco Towels that can help with your long-term Skin Care!🍃



FaceSoft’s first towel, The Active Towel, is manufactured using a method over 100 years old that Chris Nemeth, founder and owner of the FaceSoft® Towel Company, discovered during his two-year worldwide search for rare, high-quality cotton. The process is proven to produce towels that are both high-end and durable, which inspired him to launch FaceSoft Towel Company in order to provide his customers with absorbent, luxury towels that halt further damage that the plastic materials have done to the oceans.


The recently introduced Charcoal-Detox™ towel is made of 100% Aqua-Cotton® yarn infused with activated charcoal, which remains in the cotton for the lifespan of the towel. Similar to charcoal face masks, these towels pull impurities from the face, leaving the skin clean and smooth. Any bacteria or toxins left after it is used will be gone when washed or dried with heat. Additionally, the infused charcoal will reactivate after each hot water wash or heated drying cycle. An added bonus? The 100% cotton towel is extremely smooth and gentle on skin, unlike plastic microfiber which can scratch the face and cause irritation. Most towels use micro-fiber, a synthetic plastic which pollutes our oceans via the washing machine. Resolute in never using microfiber in his towels, Chris decided that infusing charcoal (a natural ingredient made from trees) would be another beneficial addition, so he introduced the Charcoal-Detox™ towel. 


If Active or Charcoal-Detox™ Towels are disposed of in our landfills or ocean, they will naturally degrade due to the absence of micro-fiber or other synthetic materials - leaving absolutely no trace on our planet.

Made for Skin. Designed for the planet.