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Limited Edition PINK ICON Active Charcoal-Detox Sweat Towels
Limited Edition PINK ICON Active Charcoal-Detox Sweat Towels
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Limited Edition PINK ICON Active Charcoal-Detox Sweat Towels

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Charcoal-Detox sweat towel is infused with “activated charcoal” to help you detox your skin while you workout!

The Ultimate Sweat Towel! Limited edition PINK ICON

Perfect Sweat Detox Towel | Sweat. Charcoal. Detoxify.

 Great for any Workout where you sweat!
Infused with Activated Charcoal to pull oils and toxins out from your skin while you sweat. Providing a quick detox to your skin! Super soft & incredibly absorbent.
Charcoal will reactivate with the heat from the dryer & because infused it will last the life of the towel.

Patent Pending | Charcoal-Infused Towel
Created with Eco-friendly materials
Sustainable, Biodegradable, Super Soft and Extremely Absorbent!
No Microfiber Plastics, Better Towel. Better Ocean.
Towel Size: Active: 38” x 10”
Long thin shape to fit comfortably around your neck!
Care Instructions:
Machine wash medium heat, light detergent.
Dry medium; do not let sit in dryer!

Towel Charcoal Detox Facesoft
The Charcoal we use to create our Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towels is made from responsibly harvested trees! Heated at high temperatures that slowly burn in a process that is called Pyrolysis, then it is treated with oxygen to activate the charcoal!

The final product is a natural, sustainable product that is chemical-free and non-toxic.
Patent Pending | Charcoal-Infused Towel