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Eco Products For The Planet

We are inspired to motivate our community and the ones around us to live a healthy lifestyle that benefits the mind, body, and planet. Health and wellness are found in so many different parts of our lives and that may look different for everyone. Health and wellness for us is about taking care of our mind, listening to what our body needs, and paying attention to the type of products we choose to create, buy, and the impact they could have on our world. When creating FaceSoft Towel Company we knew we wanted a product that was great for our skin but also a product that would not harm our planet. Microfiber plastic is the number one human-made pollution in our oceans...

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Trees --> Charcoal --> Towel --> Responsibly made & eco-friendly

Natural products that are always responsibly made. We always lived an eco-conscious lifestyle by doing what we can to reduce our plastic footprint. Once when we learned about microfiber towels and the harm they are causing to our planet; we could not just ignore this problem, we wanted to provide sustainable solution. We automatically knew we needed to do our part to make a positive change.  FaceSoft Towels contain zero micro-fiber synthetic plastics and are always created with high-quality eco-friendly aqua cotton to stand with our mission, and that is to offer an eco-friendly towel as an alternative to microfiber towels. Did you know that microfiber towels are made of "plastic"? In one load of laundry over 700,000 microfiber plastic pieces are released from our washing machines straight into our oceans and...

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What is Activated Charcoal?

Charcoal seems to be one of the most upcoming trends in the health and wellness industry due to its anti-microbial and detoxifying benefits that are used for removing substances inside our bodies and out. Charcoal isn’t just the stuff you use for your BBQ grill during your cookouts! Activated Charcoal is made from natural properties that go through a heating process, which makes it extremely porous. This gives the charcoal an electric magnetic charge, which gives it the ability to bind to oils and toxins to draw them out from your skin.  In simple words, Charcoal can detox your skin while you work out! Activated Charcoal can be created with many natural sources like bamboo, trees, beach wood and coconut...

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Mindful Tips & Tricks to De-stress & Re-energize

Sometimes with the hussle and bussle that consumes our everyday lives we forget to take a moment to pause the things we are doing, to do what we need most in that moment... and that is to breathe. Deep inhales and deep exhales to calm our bodies and to refocus our minds. It has become so normal to rush and get lost in the chaotic moments of our busy days. We tend to lose sight of what we are trying to do and accomplish. It happens to the best of us. With all the commotion of our lives, we fear falling behind or not completing our daily goals or our To-Do lists. We wanted to give you some insight on our favorite tips &...

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