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There is only one reason NOT to sweat.

    As seasons and weather changes it is so important to stay motivated. Raining? Too cold? That is not an excuse! The only excuse not to sweat is if you left your FaceSoft towel at home. Turn around and get it because sweating without it just feels wrong. Three eco-colors on promo this week. Stock up and have enough for every day of the week. Red, White & Navy Blue all now $11.99. Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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Happy November.✨

    Stock up and swap out your towels with FaceSoft. Make the sustainable choice for our environment and the luxurious choice for your skin. If you workout and sweat everyday, you will never have enough. Hunter Green & Charcoal-Detox now on promo. Get both today and feel the difference! Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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Love the skin you are in. ☁️

    We are here to encourage you to stay active and always treat yourself with love. As we workout and sweat it is important to find comfort in the discomfort. Never go a workout with out your FaceSoft towel. 100% aqua-cotton to feel like a cloud on your skin. As you put in the hard work, feel the ultra softness leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. You and your skin deserve all the love and care. Swap out your towels and feel the difference today. Eco-colors Black and brand NEW Cinnamon are now $11.99. Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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Sweat it out!

    Got sweat? We have the solution for you. Never leave for the gym without your FaceSoft towel Sweat essential! 100% aqua-cotton. Zero microfiber. Feel the difference of our luxurious aqua-cotton on your skin. Elevate your workouts with a Charcoal-Detox for your skin as you sweat. Infused with Activated Charcoal to pull out toxins and oils from the skin and leave it feeling refreshed! Classic Blue- $11.99. Charcoal-Detox- $15.99 this week only! Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.

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Sweat Sustainably.☁️💦

    Now is the time to make an eco-conscious decision and upgrade your sweat towels to FaceSoft. You won't regret it when you feel the comfort of our 100% aqua-cotton technology on your skin, or the cleanliness of our Charcoal-Detox towels working their magic. We honor & support all the strong warriors in our communities. Rock Pink this October to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with your Pink eco-towel. Fall Bundle- get all 4 brand new colors for $50! 100% aqua-cotton Pink- $11 Charcoal-Detox your skin as you sweat- $16.50. Sweat. Skin. Sustainable.  

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