Top 3 reasons why we chose Charcoal as our main ingredient to infuse into our luxurious and eco-friendly towel.

Introducing our Revolutionary Charcoal Detox towel.

Many of you have heard of charcoal used to whiten your teeth, to use as an anti odor deodorant, even as a face-mask to remove black heads from your nose. Activated Charcoal is made from natural sources that has implausible benefits for not only your skin from a beauty stand point but also your over all health.

 1. Charcoal has tiny pores and an electric charge to draw out all of the oils and toxins from your skin, for a profound cleaning. We know that when you workout a lot, sweat is your best friend and we love to sweat because it releases unwanted toxins from our bodies. However, sweating tends to leave our skin feeling dirty and dull. Sometimes this results in breakouts and blockages, which prevents us from having that, glow and clear skin we once knew and loved. Having Charcoal infused into our towels will help give your skin a detox and deeper cleaning while you workout. All thanks to the charcoal that literally removes the toxins and sucks the dirt out straight from your pores.

2. Charcoal is natural and toxin free not to mention perfect for your skin care routine. Here at FaceSoft Towels we are all about living an eco-conscious and green lifestyle. Hence why we are spreading awareness towards the harms of microfiber plastic towels and our oceans. Natural and toxic free ingredients are what we strive to share with you so naturally charcoal goes hand and hand with our mission, active lifestyle and our motto to introduce greener products to the workout world.  

3. We all know with working out, hot yoga, cycling, HIIT classes there is a huge downfall of smelling our own BO. Having charcoal infused in your towel abrobs excess moisture that helps with odor on you and your towel. Our towels are designed to take away any smell on you to keep you not only feeling clean but smelling fresh too. The more you use and wash your Charcoal infused towel, the more plush and absorbent it becomes. 

Our Revolutionary Charcoal Towels will automatically reactivate with the heat from your dryer. This allows you to use your towel as many times as you would like, without the charcoal dissolving like no other towel designed before. Now introducing and offering our Active Charcoal detox towels for your active lifestyle. Our Mini size charcoal infused towel for your beauty routine, and our extra large Charcoal infused bath towels for the ones who love that luxurious and clean feel.