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Mother Earth.

Our planet, Our home, Our nurturer.    Mother earth has provided us everything we ever needed to survive and thrive. If we truly look outside the box that we are so focused on, will see that everything we ever needed is all around us. Food, water, and natural medications grown straight from the earth. Free of chemicals, free of pollution and free of charge. When it comes to the planet we live on, it is sometimes hard to step back and see all of the harm and pollution we are intentionally causing our planet. Once we develop a habit, it’s hard to break. Each week we wake up and go shopping for our groceries. Stocking up on our fruits and veggies, without...

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Wellness In The New Year.

Welcoming Wellness Into The New Year.  Every New Year we all strive to cut off bad habits and to introduce healthy habits into our lives. We reflect on the past year and grow a little bit more each year that goes by. Reflecting on our growth, success, love, hurt, failures, happiness, sadness...Whatever life threw at you this past year, will truly helps us see and understand how all of those experiences shaped us into who and where we are at this exact moment in life.   A new year of endless possibilities have inspired us to inspire you to bring wellness into the new year mentally and physically.  By having a community that can grow together is something so powerful, to have...

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