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YIN & YANG in every part of your life

This week we are focusing on our YIN & YANG Summer of Love Your Towel promotion. You can snag the NEW white 100% aqua-cotton active FaceSoft Towel for 40%, $9.99 off as well as the ultimate, patent-pending Charcoal Detox Towel for 40% off, $12.99

We decided to promote our yin & yang promotion for this week because we feel the meaning behind this and our favorite ways to stay balanced can benefit us all in our work life relationship and every day life. 

Have you ever noticed that when you feel balanced and grounded, you can accomplish so many more tasks that are on your to-do list? 

 As you live a healthy and mindful lifestyle, it is important to maintain a healthy balance between both the yin and the yang. When we don’t balance the two that’s when those uncomfortable emotions in our mind and body may arise. Life can be so fast paced for all of us and sometimes it can get out of control before we even realize what is going on around us.

Yin is the Dark part of the symbol which represents hardships, shadows, darkness. Yang is the White part of the symbol which represents light, growth, brightness. When we balance out our yin and yang, we can truly feel like we live in peace & harmony with ourselves both mentally, physically, & spiritually.

 What can we do to create the perfect work- life with Ying and Yang? 

-Yin yoga to create the perfect balance within our energy systems

-Stretching to open space in your body where it’s needed

-Meditation for mind, body stillness

-Getting out and spending time in nature to feel grounded in the present moment

Yin & Yang is constantly changing in all of our lives and may look different to everyone. What we can all keep in mind is that after the darkness comes the light, and with failure there is always growth.

Join us and spend some time each day making sure your yin & yang is balanced so you can continue living your life in harmony & peace.

The Yin & Yang Summer of love your towel promo will be running until Tuesday August 31st! You can use the code WELLBEING15 for an additional 15% off your order.