Got sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

Work hard, Sweat harder, and dive in deep.

Our motto this week is to work hard, sweat harder, and to take note of how we feel mentally and physically so we can stay in tune with the mind, body connection. In the beginning of this month we have made it a goal of ours to explore new workouts, sweat and ways to move our body that make us feel alive and energized. We have been loving putting our mind and body to the test with a 45-minute indoor cycling class that has us breaking our own boundaries and personal records! Being able to control our breath, ride longer, and sweat harder than ever makes us feel so powerful and that we can conquer the world!


Dig in deep, listen to your body, and truly put in the work so you can feel the incredible shift of what the mind, body connection and an active lifestyle will bring you. During this month of Wellness September, we hope you were able to set new goals, break new boundaries, and find new and exciting workouts that make you sweat and feel on top of this world. Our hope for you is that September has been filled with all of the things you love and all of the things that make you feel your very best mentally and physically! We love to end our months by checking in with what our goals were so we can see how far we have come and where we are in this exact moment.

We invite you to really take a step back and check in with yourself. Really explore deep into your mind and see how you are in this moment of self-reflection. Honor the goals you worked on during this month and give yourself a pat on the back for trying new things even if they made you step out of your comfort zone. Is there anything new you learned about yourself this month? Have you felt a shift from when this month first started to this exact moment? Ask yourself these questions and truly take note of how you feel. We have learned this month that honoring our strength and weakness is what helps us make room for growth, which gives us a clearer look to see what else we want to work on and what we can do with the months to come for us to be the next step closer to achieving our goals.

Another month is coming to end, and we hope it has been filled with growth, self-love, and wellness. We are inspired to work hard and sweat harder for the remainder of this month! We are motivated to continue to try new workouts, to challenge our mind and body to work hard and sweat even harder. We invite you to join us in breaking your own personal records to finish Wellness September off strong. All you have to do is make time for wellness and your needs, and you are already halfway to breaking your own workout boundaries!

You are one workout and self-reflection session away from feeling on top of the world! Put in the work mentally and physically so you can feel all of the benefits that come with it. We invite you to work hard and sweat even harder, your favorite personal workout towel will be ready!

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