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What we need to know to be fully prepared as we get back into the gyms & studios!


Many states local gyms and studios are opening this week and we are so thrilled! What exactly does that mean for the gym, fitness, and wellness community and how is this going to play out besides the fact that we are able to start getting back into our favorite routines again.


I know we have all been counting down the days to get back into our favorite in studio class or favorite workout gyms. To see faces we haven’t seen in months and the motivation we feel from being within the community in person. Things may feel like they are getting back to how it once was, but we are walking into a new normal that we feel is important to keep us all safe and healthy being back around our friends working out together.


Starting off on the right foot with being prepared that ALL towel services that were once offered will be stopped until further notice. Gyms and studios will no longer be handing out gym towels for your workout classes. Always be prepared with your own personal workout towel. To feel safe and clean during and after your classes. Having your own personal charcoal sweat towel that will ensure toxins and oils are being removed from your skin while knowing that no bacteria is present.


Many studios and gyms may not have their amenities available right away. This means locker rooms and showers may be closed and if you usually take showers after your workout classes like we do, we have to change what we are used  to and take new proper precautions to make us feel safe and comfortable! Pack your workout bag with your own Charcoal bath body towel to wipe down the access sweat after class or to use as a sweat cover in your car. Bring your deodorant, makeup remover wipes, dry shampoo, body sprays and anything else that will help you feel comfortable leaving your workout facility. 


Water fountains may not be available too. Be prepared and bring your own large water bottle(s) to ensure you will be able to hydrate before and after your workouts. You may not be able to fill up your bottle so bring more than one if that’s the case! Showers and bathrooms being closed means you can’t wash your hands as often as we should be doing after touching all of the workout gear. Pack your own gym bag with antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers and extra towels to make sure you are taking all of the necessary precautions you need to keep your health and your communities health a top priority.


Studios and gyms will be opening but that does not mean they will allow full capacity! Check with your workout classes their rules and regulations for attending class and how to sign up in advanced. Most gyms in our community are implementing a 6-10 feet rule between people to prevent sweat from others and to continue social distancing. whether that is running on a tread mill, setting up a mat in a yoga class or choosing a bike in a spin class. Spreading out and keeping a distance to maintain the proper precautions will be in place so make sure you have a spot registered.


Before and after your workouts keep sanitizing and wiping down your mats and weights. Bring as many workout essentials you can. Whether it’s a yoga mat, a set of dumbbells, water bottle or your own personal sweat towel- all of these things will set a positive example within your community as well as giving yourself and those around you a safe space to workout in.


The countdown has begun for us to get back into our favorite workout classes! This all may feel so odd and new but with time we will get used to this. Together we can continue setting the example of what our new normal will be within the wellness community. Together we can motivate and inspire others to do the same!


Remember to always bring your own workout towel. For 20% off your own FaceSoft Towel use the code personaltowel20 at check out.

*Our Activated Charcoal Detox towels can give you confidence and peace of mind to get back into the studios since the charcoal kills microorganisms and bacteria. (Patent Pending)

We can’t wait to see you back in the gyms and studios!