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Wellness In The New Year.

Welcoming Wellness Into The New Year.

 Every New Year we all strive to cut off bad habits and to introduce healthy habits into our lives. We reflect on the past year and grow a little bit more each year that goes by. Reflecting on our growth, success, love, hurt, failures, happiness, sadness...Whatever life threw at you this past year, will truly helps us see and understand how all of those experiences shaped us into who and where we are at this exact moment in life. 

 A new year of endless possibilities have inspired us to inspire you to bring wellness into the new year mentally and physically.  By having a community that can grow together is something so powerful, to have like-minded individuals lifting you up and to motivate you along side of your personal journey into wellness. Whatever it is that you want to let go of and whatever it is you want to bring into this year, we are right there with you. 2020 is all about letting go of past experiences, negative habits, excuses that stop us from being the best we can be by welcoming healthy - hard work habits, positivity, and growth into our lives. Here at FaceSoft Towel Company we are working on 2020 being a year full of growth, inspiration and positive change by setting meaningful intentions rather than resolutions. Yoga is our tool to stay balanced throughout every situation that comes our way on and off our yoga mat. We are welcoming mindful habits to help our mental stay calm with clarity and ease on a daily basis even when the chaos and commotion arises. Wellness comes in so many different walks of life; journaling daily for us is another way we are going to stay on track with keeping the areas we truly want to transform in our lives documented.  Sweating into the New Year is a big one for us due to all of the incredible benefits sweating does for our bodies- to help detox and rid the bad toxins from our systems. We can't say this one enough.... more fruits and veggies- less processed foods. All of these intentions we are setting will not only help us feel our best mentally and physically but will truly help us feel grounded, aligned and connected to everything that is around us inside and out. Find a workout class that you truly enjoy going to, one that will never feel like it’s a chore to accomplish. These are a few of our core values and intentions for this year that we are going to focus on and we would love to have you join us too! With community and inspiration- dedication and transformation will go a long way.