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Wellbeing for the mental, physical, and spiritual parts of our lives

January is naturally a month that we all start strong when it comes to our mind, body, and positive habits. Starting off the year with our mindset refreshed and our body feeling reset is such a vital factor in starting the year off on our best foot first. FaceSoft is spending this month as our Wellness season to focus on all of the things that we love to do that brings us a revitalized restart.

Mindfulness, light movements, our eating habits, sleeping schedule, the hobbies that bring us joy, sweating to detox our mind and body. Taking care of our skin. Are always the things in our lives that make us feel best when they are cared to. Giving ourselves more than enough time each day to focus on relaxing, Bettering our food choices help us with healing, being in control of our choices and helps us practice more self-love and care which helps us and our overall well being.

Our mantra this month is Wellbeing: Wellbeing [ noun ] – “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. ... Even though happiness is an integral part of your personal wellness, it includes other things such as the fulfillment of long-term goals, your sense of purpose and how in control you feel in life.”

New year goals to us used to be short lived moments that once we accomplished them, they went out the door. Keeping the Mantra: Wellbeing at the front of our minds will help us really visualize what it means to be comfortable, healthy and in control of  how we choose to spend our everyday moments and what we can do that bring even more wellness, care and calmness into our routines.

Taking care of ourselves mentally and physically has a huge effect on the way we think, work, and feel. We find so much joy and positive outcomes when we mindfully move our bodies. Spending 20 minutes a day to get on our mat and to move our body in ways that feel best to us. Going outside on a walk and being out in the sun and nature helps us refreshes our mind and helps us reset our breathing. Taking care of our skin, face and body with eco products always gives us a big sense of self love and overall care for healthy feeling and looking skin.  Living more of a plastic free life style to help our own health as well as our beloved planets health. Feeding our body with foods that fuel us, that eliminates potential inflammation and discomfort is so important for us to fully thrive. Journaling our thoughts and feelings every night  to help us clear our mind and to set intentions that stay with us in our sleep. 

Self-love and self-care look different to everyone and we love being able to hear about what it is you love to do in your routines that has a positive effect on your entire wellbeing. Taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually is so important and we hope this month you can find out what it is that helps you take control, to feel your absolute healthiest. Take time to write down what it is that works for you. Then try and incorporate these things as much as you can into your days, weeks, and months. 

A new year is here, and we wish you all of the love, light, healing, and over all wellbeing to start this year off strong mentally and physically. 

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