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Welcoming Wellness September

We are inviting you to welcome September with open arms and complete focus on your wellness mentally & physically. A new month means new goals, new mantras, new workout classes, and new acts of self-love. A fresh start to focus on our movement goals, the food we are nourishing our bodies with and even checking in on our mental and physical health. We are open heartedly and open-mindedly welcoming September with a positive mind filled with the blessings we have been waiting for these past few months.
There are some days, some weeks, and even some months where breathing seems a bit easier to do. It seems as this month, September is one of those months for us. Us feeling this way could certainly be related to the last few months that were filled with the unknown and the heaviness of the world that weighed on all of us. Remind yourself that “you are here, you are pushing forward, you are breathing and adjusting to the new normal, and you will get through this stronger than ever!” This month, we feel the good is coming and that it will show up for us as long as we show up for ourselves.
As one of our September motto’s, we would like to spread light on telling our minds good thoughts, focusing on the positive things around us no matter how big or small they may be. Our outlook on life starts with our minds. Checking in with our mental health is just as important as it is with our physical health. During this month, let’s check in on our mental health to make sure we are really connected with what we are feeling and where we need to be. Checking in with your true self will help you see what new goals and mantras you want to create for this month of wellness.
Staying active and moving our body is another one of our September wellness mottos to a happy and healthy mindset. There is something about movement therapy that leaves us feeling refreshed and recharged. No matter what this may look like to you, it is the ultimate love note to your body. An act of self-love that your mind and body will thank you for each time you go on that walk, take your favorite workout class, step on your yoga mat, and even dance to your favorite song. Moving your body can release stress you are holding onto and will bring you so much joy and positive emotions. 
This month we are safely supporting our local studios & gyms with getting back into in-person classes as studios continue to re-open. We already feel our motivation going through the roof! There is something about community, being back together again doing what we love. Continuing to practice all of the safe new ways of life that we have learned these past few months. Whether that is bringing your own personal Charcoal Infused FaceSoft Towel to workout with you, packing hand sanitizer for before and after class, and always wiping down the equipment you have used to keep yourself and the space around you sanitized for you and your communities well being.
Take your wellness to the next level this month and join us by welcoming September with open arms focusing on all of the good that is coming our way. Check in with yourself, keep moving your body, and continue to practice safely getting back into your local studios & gyms. Personaltowel20 for 20% off your own Patent-pending charcoal infused FaceSoft Towel, now is the time to bring your own personal workout towel with you. 
Crafted with charcoal specifically to be infused into our towels to detox your skin and to stop bacteria and microorganisms from forming. With the heat from your dryer, the charcoal will re-activate for your next use.
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