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WE have the power to create change.

“A mantra is a positive affirmation you can use in prayer and meditation—or anytime in between. It should be something positive you're trying to invoke within you.”

Try and set a positive mantra to keep yourself and your community inspired and protected as the world moves forward.

 Being involved in a community means you all come together to do good for everyone, to act a certain way that makes everyone feel safe and secured within the community.

 At FaceSoft Towel company we are motivated to inspire others to continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle as well as inspire others to do what protects and promotes our community’s health and wellness as a whole, together as one. As we see the world start to open back up, it’s not time for things to go back to normal, it’s time for us as a community to create a new normal that makes us all feel even more safe, protected, and secure with being around others than we did before. To make sure once we start to get back into the gym and studios that we feel our safest, even being back at our own workplace. We can create a new normal that is better than how life once was by coming together, to create a healthier and safer world than before.

Our mantra is to keep the workout and wellness community feel as safe, clean, and confident as studios and gyms start to open back up- and to inspire the ones around us to do the same.

 As we continue to strive to be active and healthy, it is time to break old habits so we can continue to make room for new ones. To be cleaner, and more aware of our personal space as we go about living our lives outside as well as inside of the gym and workout studios. This can be by wearing a mask to protect the ones around you and yourself. Respecting others and their space with continuing to social distance from each other. By washing your hands regularly. To always wipe down the machines and mats before and after you use them.

By always having your own Charcoal Detox sweat towel to keep your own sweat not spreading to others and their personal space, while protecting your skin and health against bacteria and germs. Using a Charcoal Detox towel in your yoga, spin, rowing, barre studio or workout facility protects yourself and others from microorganisms and any bacteria that is present. It will also give you a piece of mind that your sweat towel has only ever touched your skin and only your skin!

Look out for your friends and family by inspiring them to do the same. These are easy but necessary changes to ensure everyone to feel as comfortable as they can as we slowly start to get back into the workout atmosphere, knowing we are all - as a community coming together. Set a positive mantra so we can all vow to protect ourselves and the ones around us against germs and toxins.

Whatever your mantra may be, do it with love, passion and positivity. It is up to us to set a positive example so we can all inspire the world to start off our new normal in a confident, safe, and healthy way.

By embedding these new habits into our wellness routine, we will help motivate and inspire those around us to do the same. Keep pushing, keep inspiring, and keep going. Use the code personaltowel20 at check out for 20% off all FaceSoft Towels.


Love & light- Rebecca and The FaceSoft Team