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Choose kindness, always.

We believe it's normal to feel mix feelings as the world moves forward into the first few stages to slowly re-open. There is no right or wrong with how one is feeling. Whether you are scared, happy, excited, or anxious the one thing we all need to remain is kindBeing kind to others has so many positive benefits that help lift others up even if it’s in the smallest of ways. Small acts of kindness go a long way!

As you start to get back into the world with whatever it is you personally feel comfortable doing, try to remember to always do it with kindness. If you are starting to go back into the studios and gyms when they open, do whatever it is you can do to spread your lightness into everyones day. 

Getting back to your daily studio workouts, seeing a stranger or a familiar face and being able to smile at them, make conversation,  ask how they have been or even just a wave can bring happiness into their day. We never know what anyone is going through, but we do know that everyone is trying their hardest to do their best with what they are feeling and what they are personally comfortable with.

As gyms and studios are starting to move forward with re-opening, try not to be fearful of working out around other people. Have faith and know that these studio owners are doing everything they can to keep your health and safety their # 1 top priority. Knowing these facilities have been deeply cleaned before re-opening. Being stocked up with hand sanitizer and wipes to clean your equipment before and after you use it. Limiting the capacity of people so they are able to spread everyone out to keep a safe distance. You can still have fun and enjoy working out like you used to, even if a few changes have been made!

Try not to let the fear stop you from getting back into what you once loved. If you need more safety protocols that may not be offered at first at your local gym or studio, bring whatever it is that will make you feel more at ease. Expect that there may be no sweat towels being offered, so you are always prepared with bringing your own personal towel. We suggest a Charcoal Detox sweat towel since this will kill bacteria and microorganisms that could possibly be present and will stop them right in their tracks.

Whatever it is you choose to do as the world moves forward, always remember to do what makes you most comfortable and to always do it with kindness. To spread kindness, light, and love to those around you, even if you don’t know them! Positivity is contagious and we inspire you to spread all of the positive vibes and kindness within your community to make others feel connected and less afraid to get back into the world.


Keep inspiring, keep going.

Stay healthy, stay active.


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