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Towels are becoming the #1 workout essential that studios and members are looking for!

New year, New prioritized sweat essentials! Towels are becoming the #1 workout essential that studios and members are looking for. It comes as no surprise that towels are becoming a must have accessory during your workouts these days to ensure that you are comfortable & dry, and to keep your surroundings free from spreading your own sweat.

Having your own Charcoal Infused towel with you while you work out in the studios or at home is not like any other typical towel on the market! (Patent-pending) due to the Charcoal Technology that is used during the creation of the towels, it has the ability to stop the spread of germs, and bacteria that are possibly present on your skin or even on the towel. Each one of our Charcoal Detox Towels has a built-in self-cleaning property due to the incredible anti-odor and anti-microbial properties Charcoal naturally entails. 

keeping your skin, surroundings, and towel free of bacteria and germs, not to mention at the same time as it detoxes your skin by removing oils and toxins that are present while you sweat.

You can wash your towel normally once used, and with the heat from your dryer the charcoal with reactivate for your next use & workout. The charcoal will last infused into the yarn for the life of the towel. Created with high quality aqua-cotton technology to have an extremely high absorbency rate & soft feel no matter how often you use and wash your towel.

Two of our main goals we always aim to reach is to have our community feel safe and secure while they work out and sweat inside the gym or at home with their own Charcoal Activated FaceSoft Towel, as well as to provide that comforting feeling you get when you use a high quality, extremely plush towel on your skin as you wipe your sweat away. 

Feel comfortable & secure in your space as you move your body and sweat with your own personal Charcoal Infused towel. Well being comes in may forms and your well being is always at the front of our minds. 

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Sweat. Charcoal. Detoxify. with the peace of mind of having an activated charcoal Infused towel always present by your side.

Charcoal Infused Towel Patent-Pending!