Got sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!


 FaceSoft is welcoming the Summer of "Love Your Towel with FaceSoft" and we invite you to join us! The Summer of Love is all about our mindset, our impact on the planet, spreading good vibes, peace, and endless love for ourselves and for our mind and body. The Summer of Love Your Towel with FaceSoft is to motivate us all to keep moving & sweating, to feel confident & comfortable in our sweat. To spread awareness about the eco-friendly side of FaceSoft, and to inspire the  community to work on their own inner peace and self love!

Love comes in many languages and caring for our planet is certainly one we are extremely passionate about. During the Summer of Love your towel with FaceSoft, it is our job to continue to educate why we choose to be free of microfiber plastics and how small switches can lead to a positive change for the planet and for us all. Microfiber is a synthetic plastic which will forever exist in the ocean, landfills and waterways, harming marine life’s water and even our own drinking water that is growing and polluting at a high-speed rate. FaceSoft is proud to be eco-friendly and free of all microfiber plastics for all of our products.

Mindful movements is another huge love language on our list. Consistent body movements for at least 20 minutes a day to help our mind and body. Building up a sweat, challenging ourselves, and feeling stronger every day is a feeling we will never get used to. Fresh air, vitamin D, and movement therapy is currently our favorite self-love summer tactic. This summer we are bringing on the sweat with our favorite under the sun workouts!

Keep your eyes open for new color FaceSoft Towel Launches, Summer of Love live workouts, local beach clean ups, and exciting promotions! We are so excited for you to join us with spreading the love, peace, sweat, and good vibes this summer. FaceSoft is more than just a sweat towel but will easily become your favorite sweat towel to love!

Start off the Summer of Love Your Towel with your own personal FaceSoft Towel so you can feel the love, comfort, and confidence as you move and sweat!

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