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The perfect Stocking Stuffer!


Whether you are shopping for yourself this holiday season or for your wellness loving friends & family, there is nothing better than getting your favorite item in a set of 3.

 3 charcoal-detox Mini towels, Similar to the size of a Washcloth, designed specifically for your face & your sweat to provide a quick skin detox!

The 3-pack mini Charcoal holiday bundle is the perfect Stocking Stuffer for this years holiday season to keep you comfortable in your sweat and to detox your skin everywhere you go, every single time you wipe your face with one of your MINI Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towels. Keeping your skin clean, blemish free and detoxed for this year’s holiday season!

The Activated Charcoal that is infused into the mini towels will stop the spread of germs, odor, and bacteria that are possibly present on your skin or even on the towel. The Charcoal-Detox Mini towel will remove just as much impurities and oils from your skin as the active size towel! Created with the same exact high-quality aqua cotton, that will always provide that luxuriously soft and plush feel you and your skin already can’t get enough of! 

The 3 pack Charcoal-Detox mini Holiday Bundle goes beyond a towel & a gift. It promotes confidence, healthy living, and determination to inspire those around you to move their body, to feel their best, and to sweat without the fear of bad breakouts! 

Share the gift of wellness, confidence, and beautiful skin this holiday season with your loved ones! 

 Infused with Activated Charcoal to provide a quick detox to your skin. The charcoal will reactivate with the heat from your dryer and it will last the life of the towel.  

The 3 pack Mini Charcoal-Detox Holiday bundle is now available! Use the code THANKFUL15 FOR 15% off your own 3 pack mini Holiday bundle!