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Sweat retail accessory!

FaceSoft Towels are easily becoming a top core retail accessory in many gyms and studios and here is why! Everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident while they sweat, and with their own personal sweat towel. Members are quickly falling in the with FaceSoft Towels for all of their workout classes due to the luxurious soft aqua cotton we use as well as the hard to beat absorbency and fast drying rate. FaceSoft Towels are designed to give you that high quality sweat towel that all ages and skin types can feel confident in.

There is no secret as to why the Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft towel is our best-selling product! Created with our state of the art, patent-pending charcoal technology that removes unwanted toxins from your skin every time you wipe your face with your charcoal-detox towel. Infused with activated charcoal which keeps it free of odors and bacteria, guaranteed to keep it in tip top shape no matter how many times you use it, sweat with it, wash & dry it. The Activated Charcoal yarn reactivates with the heat from the dryer, so it is ready to be used after each wash! The charcoal lasts infused into the towel for the life of the towel and it will work just as amazing as it did the first time you ever used it.

 Its not called the ultimate sweat towel for no reason! This is a one of a kind sweat towel that is perfect for all workouts, all ages, and all sweat levels. We are so thrilled to let the community know that we now have a wholesale site for studio owners to shop and carry FaceSoft for their members! Sweat towels are a must have, core retail accessory that users cant get enough of having at fingers reach. It’s time to spread the word about having your own personal sweat towel for your comfort & health and to say goodbye to those old reusable gym rags!

 If you are a studio owner and are interested in learning more about carrying FaceSoft Towels in your studio or gym for your members, feel free to reach out to us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you further.

 Keep moving, keep sweating, keep doing the things that make you feel your best mentally and physically- inside and out! We only have two homes: earth & our body. Let’s pledge to take care of them both together!

 Shop eco-friendly FaceSoft Towels for your retail section and see the difference in your FaceSoft sweat towel! 


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Wholesale inquiries can be sent to: Rebeccca.farina@facesofttowel.com

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