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Break a sweat with our top 3 favorite workout classes!

There are so many incredible benefits that sweating has on our health. Sweating releases unwanted heavy metals, unnecessary salt, eliminates chemicals, and cholesterol that our body does not want to hold onto. Sweating to your favorite workout class is a great way to start your day! Just think of all the positive benefits that it contributes to our health.

Sweating naturally debloats our bodies, and unclogs arteries. When we move our bodies and sweat, we are allowing our blood to circulate properly. Sweating along with living an active lifestyle will have you feeling more energetic on a daily basis, as well as improving your mood. Have you ever woke up first thing in the morning, dreading of the thought of attending the workout class you signed up for the night before? We promise you that the phrase “You are one workout away from a good mood” is absolutely accurate! You will feel the rush of endorphins going through your body after you successfully complete your class. You will feel like you are on top of the world, glimmering and glowing with sweat!

My personal favorite class that I enjoy the most that helps me get in touch with my mind and body at the same time as working up a sweat is a Vinyasa yoga class.

Vinyasa Yoga- heated or unheated- (I am a sucker for a heated vinyasa flow class.) Learning to internally create heat within your body from your breath is a feeling I can never get enough of. During a Vinyasa class you learn how to turn your deep breathing on also known as your Ujjayi breath (Inhaling & exhaling through your nose, making an ocean like sound from the back of your throat to create internal heat throughout your body) which creates heat and sweat externally too. Moving your body in tune with your breath is like the perfect dance that has you flowing from yoga pose to yoga pose. Bringing consciousness to each movement through out the entire class makes you feel connected with your mind, body and breath. Holding each yoga pose for a certain amount of breaths while flowing into the next asana always leaves me feeling strong, sweaty and empowered. Every class I have ever taken has been incredibly fun yet also so challenging; Learning new asanas while focusing on your own moving mediation by connecting each of your movements and breath together as one. It always feels incredible to create space within your body where it needs it most. Each class you take will be unqiue and like no other and that will constantly keep you on your toes.

“A powerful Vinyasa practice can shake things up to the points of calming things down.” – Rusty wells

Indoor Cycling- The loud music, Dark room, and flashing bright lights has your endorphins running the second you clip your cycling shoes in the bikes pedals. As soon as the music starts going and your legs start pedaling, you immediately lose yourself to the music and start to break a sweat. Spinning can seem intimidating at first but with your instructor up at the front demonstrating and riding with you through out the class it becomes more inspiring then nerve-racking. Spinning is for everyone, as you can set your own pace and level that suits you best. From riding up hill to flat grounds, you are breaking a sweat working through a total full body workout. Working your upper and lower body and of course your core. One of the best things about cycling is that it is low impact on your joints- yes it will leave you feeling sweaty but it wont affect your hips, knees, ankles and like most cardio based classes or exercises will. Bring on the loud music and the sweat, we are ready to ride!

 HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training-High intensity interval training is one of my favorites due to the fast pace repetitive movements that immediately gets your heart rate elevated for you to break a sweat within the first 3 minutes of moving your body. HIIT training is all about short periods of intense exercises with very little time to recover before your next set. Each class usually lasting for a total of 30 minutes a session. It’s all about pushing yourself 100% for the full minute and to give yourself a rest for about 15 to 30 seconds in between. HIIT workouts can include sprints, swimming, lifting, rowing, cycling, and boxing, etc. Short and sweet but that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting in a great workout! After all, your body will burn fat and calories up to 48 hours post HIIT workout.

We want you to learn to be comfortable in your sweat! We are here to motivate and inspire you and your community to live an active lifestyle. Find what you love and do it often. It is so important to find a workout class that YOU enjoy so it never feels like a chore to accomplish. Moving your body and being active helps you live an overall healthy and active lifestyle that benefits your mind, body and overall health. Being active not only makes you feel good, but it also helps you maintain a healthy weight, lowers your blood cholesterol level. Helps build strong bones, joints and muscles and reduces any risk of disease. Work hard, sweat often and feel the incredible benefits of what an active lifestyle can do for you.

Move your body, sweat now shine later. 

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