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Sweat Into This Years Holiday Season


Every time the year comes to an end, we find it so vital to take the time to check in with ourselves and our goals mentally and physically. This is such a great time to reflect on the past year and to see how far we have come. During this time of the year, we love to take our wellness up a notch! Whether your fitness life is in the studio or virtually at home, we love to challenge ourselves to get in our favorite workouts at-least twice a week up until the new year. 

There is nothing like keeping the momentum and self motivation going throughout the holidays and to end the year and to start the new year on the right note. This gives us the extra push and motivation we need to end this year strong and to go into the new year with our personal wellness goals in mind and already in motion! 

We have been enjoying so many new workouts this year and have learned so many new things about our own body and exactly what it needs. The mind body connection has been such a powerful tool to implement into our lives and we look forward to keeping this connection strong going into the new year.

Top 3 current workouts:

Indoor Cycling: The powerful feeling of getting our cycling shoes clipped into our bike and knowing this is the time out of the day to truly check out of our work load and into our zone! As soon as we start to peddle and warm up, it's always as if the outside noise shuts off, our legs take over, and the sweat starts to pour! The motivation is on autopilot and we always seem to go past what we think is our limit by reaching new numbers and goals. Cycling for us this past year has become a special type of movement therapy that helps us but also challenges us in the best way possible both mentally and physically! 

Barre: Small movements but big results has been our exact mindset this past year and we must have adapted this type of thinking from all of the barre classes we have taken and fallen in love with! Moving our body in a mindful, yet challenging way has created such a strong foundation to our overall way of life and our thinking. Barre workouts have shown us that small movements make mighty changes in our bodies. We love working out muscles we typically wouldn't work out, and to feel how strong and toned they have become. With every barre class we take, we are truly "embracing the shake" as we feel the burn that always has us working up an intense sweat.

Yoga: Every time we step onto our yoga mat, it is automatically a sigh of release. Our safe space, our haven, our comfort zone. Tuning out the world and tuning into our breathing and our movements. With every vinyasa sequence, balance, and resting pose - we come back to ourselves which helps us check in with how we are and how our body is feeling. It helps us focus on what areas of our body needs more stretching to make sure everything is aligned and feeling its best. Yoga is our tool to stay balanced and mindful with every pose we enter as well as any situation that may come our way on and off the mat. 

As the holiday season quickly sneaks up on us, make sure to take the time to do whatever it is that leaves your mind and body feeling its best! This year's holiday season may look a little different this year and it's so important to check in with yourself mentally and physically, as well as to check in with your loved ones near or far.  

Challenge your mind and body with us from now up until the new year with your all time favorite workout classes that take you straight into your zone and that makes you break a sweat!

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