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Whether you choose to work out in the gym, at your local studio, in your own home or outside, there are many workout essentials you want to have that will make you feel your best and perform your strongest. Water bottles, breathable gym clothes, comfortable sneakers! The one essential that you may forget to take with you is your sweat towel. You may ask yourself, why are workout towels essential?

Sweat towels are one of the top workout accessories that you want to have by your side during each one of your movement & sweat sessions. The first thing you look for in a towel is softness & absorbency. From keeping yourself feeling clean, your skin clear of blemishes, and from helping prevent germs from spreading. This essential is one that you should always remember to take with you!

How do I choose the best workout towel that fits my needs? When you are choosing the perfect sweat towel that you are going to be using day in and day out to soak up all your sweat, there are many factors that you want your sweat towel to have:

  •  Softness
  • absorbency 
  • Comfortability
  • Length
  • Drying time
  • Softness
  • Quality
  • Material
  • Durability

At FaceSoft, we pride ourselves with knowing our sweat towels meet these requirements above and beyond which truly makes them the Ultimate sweat towel! That’s why having your own FaceSoft towel for all of your gym, studio, indoor/outdoor workouts has become huge over the last year or so in the wellness & workout community. 

FaceSoft Towels absorbency rate and softness is like no other due to the high quality cotton we carefully choose. The aqua-cotton provides such a luxurious feel and great experience each time the towel touches your skin. The length of the towels is so unique that you can even use them to complete certain exercises and stretches. The drying time with FaceSoft Towels is speedy and incredibly easy to wash so it's ready for your next workout. The durability of a FaceSoft Towel is so strong, as a matter of fact the more you use and wash your FaceSoft Towel the more plush and absorbent it will become (say what?!). Choosing an eco-friendly material for your sweat towel, that is not only good for the planet but truly good for your skin and sweat.

FaceSoft Towels will have you comfortable in your sweat which will end up with you working out harder, feeling good, and looking good inside and out! Create a list of all of the needs you want your sweat towel to have and save 15% off your own ultimate sweat towel today with FaceSoft. Code: WELLBEING15

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