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Sweat, charcoal-detox, repeat


Detox your mind, body, and skin this summer!


The heat, humidity, and scorching sun is here which means we must take our skin care to the next level! Summer motto: Sweat, charcoal-detox, repeat.

Whether you live in a warmer weather climate or you love to be active and sweat, these summer months are known to make our skin more oily. Which means more clogged pores and clogged pores sometimes leads to those dreadful summer breakouts.

 Our secret to keeping our skin balanced and clear during the hot summer months is to wash our face before going outside or even before we workout and certainly after we workout with the revolutionary charcoal-detox towel. This ensures that if you sweat, the activated charcoal will detox your skin of any bacteria, which will stop them from re-entering your skin. The charcoal towel will leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth without that post sweat sticky feeling we all know and hate.

Skin care and all of the steps that come with it can be so intimidating when you are starting a new skin care regimen. We are finding out that the missing piece to your current beauty routine could be as simple as adding charcoal into it. Charcoal has a magnetic like suction that will reach those deeper impurities that you can't normally reach and bring them out of your pores!

 Our Charcoal-Detox towels are hypoallergenic and created with high quality aqua-cotton which will always provide a luxuriously soft and plush feel on your skin, even for those with sensitive skin. The Charcoal-Detox towel will remove deep dirt and oils from your skin without leaving your skin irritated or red, they feel gentle but they are incredibly effective!

 Having products that are responsibly made and safe for both our skin as well as for the planet are a win win. Love the products you put on your skin as much as you love the way your skin looks & feels this summer.

Detox your mind, body, and skin this summer with your own personal charcoal-detox FaceSoft Towel. Code: personaltowel20 for 20% off!

Available in our Active size FaceSoft towel & Bath size FaceSoft towel )