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Summer Sweat & Glowing Skin!

Detox your mind, body, and skin all at the same time this summer. This summer we are finding our favorite workout classes, workout studios, and outdoor workouts that are taking place all around Miami Florida! To move in ways that make our bodies feel exceptional, as well as to connect with like minded individuals who have the same goals in mind. 

The temperatures are rising here in Miami Beach, Florida and we know this is a sign that summer is right around the corner! Our motto for the summer months ahead is to move everyday, sweat under the sun, and to love the skin we are in, inside and out! Self-love & confidence is a high priority on our list and it keeps us feeling our best mentally and physically as well as comfortable & confident with exactly who we are.

This summer keep your skin post sweat pimple free and glowing no matter how powerful the sun & sweat gets. We all love to hear that our skin looks glowing, youthful and vibrant at all stages of our lives. A new way to a fresh face no matter how many times a week you work out and sweat this summer with the ultimate Charcoal Infused FaceSoft Towel.  Maintaining clear, youthful, and smooth skin has never been easier.

The Charcoal-Detox Towel goes beyond just a towel. It promotes confidence, healthy living, motivation to move & sweat under the sun without the fear of bad breakouts! Infused with activated charcoal to clean your skin as you sweat, leaving it detoxed from bacteria and dirt every time you wipe your face. The charcoal reactivates with the heat from the dryer so you can use it over and over again this summer!

Self love, good habits, and health & wellness are what this summer is all about for us at FaceSoft & we invite you to join us to move, sweat, and to love the skin you are in, inside & out with FaceSoft Towels!

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Sweat on the go with the Mini+Nano bundle pack, everywhere you go this summer!