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Summer Sweat Benefits & The Top Summer Sweat Essentials!


As we know the summer months brings ridiculously hot weather and based on where you live in the world, the heat can be significant too! But why does heat make people sweat more is the question we keep asking ourselves? and what are the top Summer Sweat Essentials that will help us keep cool this summer in our sweat?

When our bodies are exposed to high temperatures we automatically put our bodies in over drive to work harder which helps us cool down. The main way we know how to do this is to SWEAT! Our minds feel the fight our flight sensation come on when our temperatures rise and sweating is the natural response our bodies give off to help bring our temperatures come back down to their safe range.

We love to sweat and never want to feel embarrassed in our sweaty moments but only comfortable & confident as we sweat and in our sweat! There are countless benefits of sweating that help us more than we think so why not love the process of sweating instead of hating it! Sweating gets rid of toxins in our bodies, prevents illness, relieves stress, promotes better sleeping, improves our moods.

Staying comfortable in your sweat this summer has never been easier with our current must have Top Summer Sweat Essentials!

Starting off of course with the must have Ultimate Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towel that studios/gyms and members can not get enough of. When we say it is the ultimate FaceSoft Towel, we are not lying! With the patent-pending charcoal technology that infuses activated charcoal into the towels yarn. It removes toxins from your skin every single time you wipe your face. Not only does it detox your skin, but the aqua-cotton give its such a high quality and luxurious feel to it that it truly keeps you comfortable in your sweat.

Staying confident in your sweat this summer with the Alumnium-Free Coconut oil from Kopari. It keeps us dry, smelling fresh, and lasts the entire day no matter how hard we work and how sweaty we get!

This one is a life-savior..Sweat friendly socks! Keeping your feet dry and the moisture out of your shoes during your workouts truly can change the way you preform! We have been loving the Champion no show socks and we can count on them for every single sweat sesh!

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! The simple modern water bottle is one of our favorites for the summer time! It keeps the water iced cold for hours at a time, easily accessible with its size and comes in the best colors and styles! There is nothing like your favorite water bottle for summer time. 

Stay comfortable in your sweat with FaceSoft Towels this summer, ALWAYS! Continue to work hard & sweat it out! Embrace the heat with our top must have summer essentials that will keep you confident & cool all summer long.

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