Got sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

Summer of love your towel continues!

The Summer of Love your towel continues with this weeks promo sale! 40% off the black 100% aqua-cotton FaceSoft Active towel! Soft like a cloud, extremely absorbent and fast drying. Your new favorite sweat towel that you will never forget again for your workouts! The Summer of Love Your Towel with FaceSoft is to motivate us all to keep moving & sweating, to feel confident & comfortable in our sweat. To spread awareness about the eco-friendly side of FaceSoft, and to inspire the  community to work on their own inner peace and self love!

During the Summer of Love your towel with FaceSoft, it is our job to continue to educate why we choose to be free of microfiber plastics and how small switches can lead to a positive change for the planet and for us all. Microfiber is a synthetic plastic which will forever exist in the ocean, landfills and waterways, harming marine life’s water and even our own drinking water that is growing and polluting at a high-speed rate. FaceSoft is proud to be eco-friendly and free of all microfiber plastics for all of our products.

Our aim is to help stop the damage to our oceans one towel at a time. We do not use any plastic materials in our products to solidify our fight to help our oceans. Did you know that micro-fiber towels are made of plastic? Synthetic plastic is the number one human-made pollutant in our oceans, and you're probably using it without even knowing! FaceSoft towels have been made as an eco-friendly alternative to these harmful micro-fiber plastic towels. 

Continue spending The Summer of Love Your Towel with your own personal FaceSoft Towels as you move your body in ways that feel best for you so you can  feel the love, comfort, and confidence on a day to day basis.

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