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Press Release: Pink Month of Movement

Contact – Rebecca Farina                                                                                   

FaceSoft Towels LLC.



FaceSoft Joins the Breast Cancer Fight with their Pink Month of Movement.

Their Eco- Alternative Pink & Charcoal Towel Keeps People & Planet Healthier

Miami Beach, Fla. – October 8, 2020

FaceSoft Towel Company, an eco-friendly company based in Miami, FL whose mission is to create healthier, eco-friendly, luxurious towels for the workout and wellness community joins the fight to end Breast Cancer.

During the month of October FaceSoft has created the “Pink Month of Movement” to inspire hope, love & positivity by promoting “live” mindful body movement classes hosted by FaceSoft ambassadors. These live workout classes are perfect for all fitness levels and will stream all month. Their goal is to get everyone up, moving and feeling healthier while raising funds for Breast Cancer foundations throughout the country.

All throughout the “Pink Month of Movement”, 15% of every sale from their Pink Aqua-Cotton Active Towel & Charcoal-Detox Active towel will be donated to Breast Cancer research. If you use one of their ambassador codes, 20% of every sale from their Pink Aqua-Cotton Active Towel & Charcoal-Detox Active towel will be donated to a Breast Cancer organization of each ambassador’s choice.  FaceSoft is also sharing educational eBooks from the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help spread knowledge about breast health as well as breast cancer into their community, in hopes they will feel empowered and better prepared on the topic. In addition, the Company has started a fundraising page, to raise funds for The National Breast Cancer Foundation. 100% of each donation goes to NBCF to support the tremendous work they do to help women get the free resources, education, guidance and care they need.

“Community is everything to us and being able to give back when we can, is exactly what FaceSoft is all about.  We are so thankful for those who are a part of our community and for joining us in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our mission is to create a healthier planet where we can continue to raise money, spread hope, and honor the survivors & fighters. Especially this year, when so many of us are separated from our normal routines and many are even separated from loved ones; coming together and joining us in this year’s ‘Pink Month of Movement’ is more important than ever.” – Rebecca Farina, Senior Manager of Marketing & Sales.  

FaceSoft Towel Company promotes eco conscious living by creating an eco-active line of towels. All of their towels are crafted with the highest quality Aqua-Cotton technology, making them extremely plush and super absorbent. Their goal is to educate the community about the harm microfiber plastic textiles pose and to provide an eco-alternative towel to help decrease the amount of plastic pollution that is ongoing in our oceans. Each time a micro-fiber towel is washed, thousands of tiny plastic pieces are being filtered from our washing machines straight into the ocean and harming our water systems. This plastic exists forever since plastic does not naturally break down. FaceSoft towels are biodegradable. If left in a landfill or in the ocean, they will break down and biodegrade within 8-12 months leaving no trace. For more information on FaceSoft Towel company and their mission, visit www.facesofttowel.com