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Personal Care. Personal Hygiene. Personal Towel.

 What are your workout essentials? What are the things that you have when you begin a workout, whether you are at the gym, at home or on the road? Is a workout towel one of them? 

If you consider a towel one of your workout essentials, good for you. If you don’t consider a towel to be essential, we would like to shine light on the “workout towel.” Actually we would like to spread the word to the entire wellness world, and talk about why a workout towel is so important, not only to your workout, but to your health.

 Now is the time to have your own personal sweat towel. One that is designed for fitness. One that is different from your beauty towel that you use on your face and hair.  Separating the towels that you use for sweaty workouts, and your beauty towels is vital to keeping things clean and free of germs.

 Life looks different these days, but we must adjust our routines and adapt the best we can to keep our physical health safe and strong, as well as our mental health. Studio workouts have turned into virtual home sessions and gym workouts have turned into outside sweat sessions. Waking up early and going for a run, walk or taking your favorite instructor's virtual workout class is the perfect way to start your day. Letting go of stress, releasing energy that has been trapped inside your body, and moving your body freely is essential to our wellbeing! 

 Having your own personal sweat towel while you do your workouts, will limit the spread of germs. When you are working out, it is important to wipe the sweat off your face with a towel rather than your hand or your shirt. We truly will never know what germs are on our weights, mats or medicine balls.  If you have an absorbent, antibacterial towel, you can help the spreading of germs and bacteria that can possibly be present.

 Personal care and exercise goes hand in hand with personal hygiene and cleanliness. I know we all know how to care for our bodies, but now is the time to remind everyone to pay attention to things and areas we don’t usually focus on. After a run, workout or class, isn’t it nice to know you have your own designated towel to use on your face, and have confidence that it only comes in contact with your skin? 

 When it comes to the yoga mats and the weights that we use, it is just as important to wipe them down with a towel that is designated just for cleaning them.  Even if we are the only ones using our equipment and mats, it is critical to disinfect and wipe them down before your next use. You can never be too cautious or too clean. If we take care of our workout equipment after each use, you won’t have to think about it the next time we use them!

 Over the past few weeks, we have been inspired by all of the positivity and wellness tips that we have seen people share. As we always say, community is SO important. Motivating and lifting each other up when we may be feeling down is SO important. Being able to continue to workout with our favorite instructors online has truly been such a blessing

 FaceSoft wants to help you to continue to be safe and healthy. Use the code Personaltowel25 at checkout and we are happy to offer 25% off any of our FaceSoft Towels! This way you can continue to be active and healthy, while making sure you are taking care of your skin and health during and after your workout with your very own designated personal workout towel.