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Our Favorite Tips to Keep Our Skin Healthy In The Summer Months!


Taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, inside and out will show tremendously on the outside with your natural and healthy glow! Our skin tells a story and we always want our story to be inspiring and radiating to others.

Skin care in the summertime scorching sun! Summer is here and it's been the time of the year where we have all counted down for this time to come! Relaxation, vacation, sun, out door workouts, sweat, beach days, boat days are how we love to spend these summer off days. Feeling good comes with looking good, which starts and ends with how we treat, take care of, and choose to feed our mind and body. Summer days can dry out the skin from deep dehydration, not getting the proper nutrients, and slacking on the important skin care routines. So we have made a list of things that will ensure you keep your skin with that beautiful glow all summer long!

Sun, Sweat & Skin care! No matter what you choose to do that makes you feel your best physical self, there is typically sweat that's involved especially with the summer months sun! Taking your skin care up to the next level to ensure you are removing all of the extra bacterias, toxins, and oils from your pores to eliminate breakouts. During the summer time months, oily skin can get even more oily with the heat & humidity! Having your charcoal infused sweat, skin care towel by your side will ensure your skin stays cleansed and detoxified while keeping your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated all summer long. Whether you love your charcoal infused towels for workouts, or beauty, or BOTH..everyone deserves beautiful skin and to feel confident no matter how hot these summer days can get! 

Hydration: A Lot of water goes a long way. H20 H20 H20! Remembering to take your favorite reusable water bottle with you on the go during all of your summer adventures will not only be a huge help with how you overall feel but it will save the way your skin will look. Staying hydrated nourishes your skin and prevents that dull, dry, dehydrated summer skin we all fear. Starting a simple goal this summer to drink water on the go all day long will improve your skin's elasticity, plumpness, which will result in less cracked skin, dryness, and blemishes! It also helps with nutrient absorption, removal of toxins and blood circulation. Drink up, feel great, and continue to glow no matter what or where you are this summer. 

Nourishment- Not only is food fuel but it's also medicine to our mind and body! Taking care of your insides will show on the outside in such a beautiful way. To keep your skin smooth and shining it's up to us to nourish our bodies with a wide variety of food groups. Our go to favorites are avocados since they are rich in biotin which can help promote healthy skin and hair! Wild salmon for its great sources of omega-3 fatty acids that help your skin to look radiant. Walnuts for the vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and selenium, which are all known to promote healthy skin and not to mention such a great source of a protein snack. We cant forget about carrots since they contain Vitamin A which also adds a healthy, warm glow to your skin.

Keeping these tips in mind, if they resonate with you, you will find that taking care of your skin and health under the scorching sun is made easy and even affordable! With extra care and setting new goals to create more positive habits, you will never have to struggle with  dehydrated or an unhealthy-looking complexion ever again!

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