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National Yoga Month; Welcoming Wellness September

Everyone starts doing yoga for many different reasons. You could be looking for a new hobby, a creative way to exercise, a healthy way to release stress or even as a therapeutic outlet. Whatever your reason was to start your journey, what a blessing that truly is. 

We honor September, National Yoga Month with all of the joy, growth, and life lessons our yoga journey has brought us. Yoga has taught us more about ourselves than we could have ever imagined. Our yoga practice has taught us how to be connected to our mind and body so we can feel everything deeply. How we are able to embrace every emotion that comes our way and how we are able to know when to let go of whatever it is that no longer serves us.

As they say in yoga, we are putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations on our yoga mat and in meditation so we are able to keep our breathing strong and our thoughts clear in difficult situations that are going on in the real world. Yoga has become our tool that we use to stay balanced throughout every situation that comes our way. Whether that is on or off the mat, we have learned to welcome so many mindful and healthy habits into our lives from the works of our own yoga journey.

Moving our body with yoga. Being able to move our bodies so freely to the rhythm of our inhales and exhales is truly pure magic. Having our body in tune with our breath is like the perfect dance that has you flowing from yoga pose to yoga pose. Learning to internally create heat within our body from our breath is so powerful, as well as such a great way to detox our mind and body of any static energy that is waiting to be released. Holding each yoga pose for a certain amount of breaths while flowing into the next asana always leaves us feeling strong and empowered. 

Meditation is another beautiful way of life that we have learned that goes hand in hand with our yoga practice. Our yoga practice introduced us to meditating and has taught us through many years how to create the stillness we all need within our minds. To be able to acknowledge our thoughts and to surrender them by letting go of the thoughts that no longer serve us. We have learned so many wonderful breathing techniques from yoga & meditation to take off the mat and to bring into our everyday lives that help us keep the peace inside of us no matter the chaos around us.

Yoga is truly the journey to yourself. To move your body in a moving meditation, listening to the sound of your breath. To step on your mat and to feel the shift that is created mentally and physically each time you practice. To feel the growth within your mind and body as you overcome a difficult situation in a calm and composed manner. Yoga has taught us to keep the peace, to let go of what no longer serves us, and to feel grounded and connected to our highest self.

If you have already started your own yoga journey yourself or if it is something you have been wanting to do, right now is the perfect time to do so. We hope our journey inspires you to tap into your breath, move your body, and to connect your mind and body so you can feel the benefits of what your own yoga journey will bring you. 

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