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Mother Earth.

Our planet,

Our home,

Our nurturer. 


Mother earth has provided us everything we ever needed to survive and thrive. If we truly look outside the box that we are so focused on, will see that everything we ever needed is all around us. Food, water, and natural medications grown straight from the earth. Free of chemicals, free of pollution and free of charge. When it comes to the planet we live on, it is sometimes hard to step back and see all of the harm and pollution we are intentionally causing our planet.

Once we develop a habit, it’s hard to break. Each week we wake up and go shopping for our groceries. Stocking up on our fruits and veggies, without even noticing, we grab for that plastic bag to separate each item. Even worse, we reach for that cucumber that is wrapped entirely in plastic for you to just put in another plastic bag at checkout. 

 ...HABITS.That’s ok we all do things that we are so used to doing. We do them because they are habits, and we don’t even think twice about them. But once we are aware, once we notice something is wrong, that’s when it's time to make a change.

 It’s time to rethink our buying habits and rid ourselves of toxic choices like single use plastic to live more of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Plastic pollution comes in all shapes and sizes. Making tiny switches in our lifestyle leads to bigger positive changes for our planet. Plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic water bottles, are all synthetic plastic fibers that are polluting our world.  Next time you go shopping, skip the extra plastic bag you think you need for your loose fruits and vegetables. Bring reusable cloth bags for all of your groceries. 

We can help our planet by carefully making eco-conscious  changes in our everyday lives. This will have an overall healthier and greener outcome for us all.

 Here are some helpful suggestions to create NEW habits.

  •  Shop naturally biodegradable makeup wipes so they don’t fill our landfills. 
  • Use reusable cloths as napkins, as much as possible, to reduce overall paper waste in our homes. 
  • Buy glass containers for your leftovers. 
  • Use a Brita in your fridge or put a filter on your spout and fill up a reusable water bottle to stop single plastic use water bottles. 
  • Invest in a cotton catching bag for when you wash your clothes, towels or sheets that contain synthetic fibers. Polyester, microfibers, and polyamides- lose fibers each time you wash them. These plastic microfiber wind up going straight to our oceans from our washing machines. Washing your clothes in a cotton catching bag will prevent plastic pollution in our oceans. 
  • Cut down on the energy in your home. 
  • Go paperless; pay your bills online. 

 I know we have all heard this one before. But if you want to protect Mother Earth, Recycle, recycle, and recycle!

One BIG area of concern that has not gotten much publicity that we all need to take very seriously, this is products made with Micro-fiber.  Micro-fiber is plastic.  This plastic is made from petroleum oil and is harmful to our planet. 

For future purchases of towels don’t buy anything that contains microfiber. This will help with the growing microfiber epidemic in our beloved oceans. 

At FaceSoft, we created our company with one mission in mind: To educate and inspire the communities around us to live more of an Eco-friendly lifestyle, while offering an alternative greener towel option to replace the microfiber towels in the wellness and yoga communities.

The problem with Micro-fiber towels is that when washed it has been tested and proven that thousands of microfiber plastic pieces end up in our beautiful oceans from our washing machines. I know we don’t think about the little things like micro plastic pollution, but the damage it is causing to our oceans and marine life is growing by the seconds. As more time goes by more micro-plastics from single use plastic bottles, straws, microfibers bedding/towels/ clothing, plastic toothbrushes etc. are found on our shorelines, in our oceans. It inevitably winds up, in our own drinking water and in the stomachs of our marine life.  

Think of it his way: as we now know, plastic does not biodegrade. This means that every plastic that has ever been made does and will forever exist.  As an example, with our Eco-friendly towels, you can bury them in the ground or drop them in the ocean and they will biodegrade naturally in 9 to 12 months. If you bury a Micro-fiber towel, it will still be there in 1,000 years.   

We want to continue to educate and inspire the communities and people around us to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle day by day. Even the smallest changes in our lives make the biggest impact to our planet.  

We have the power and choice to help our planet by the way we choose to live and the products we choose to buy and use.

We hope to inspire you to choose the Eco-friendly alternative, always.